Diversity is one of the best benefits which you can find in the careers of the food industry. Food companies like Five Guys Daphne offer you a number of career options which ranges from traditional positions like the chef to new and emerging career positions such as the food forager. Most of the food-related careers come with a certain potential for you to earn a decent living and it offers you a good job outlook as well.

Exciting careers to explore in the food industry:

Most of the people who want to begin their career in the food industry, they go for the more traditional careers choices and the new ones. But both of the traditional, as well as new careers in the food industry, are really excited for you to explore if you are a food fanatic.

Below mentioned are six of the exciting careers which you can explore in the food industry. They are –


Most of the people who want to start their career in the food industry, want to be a chef. But not many of them get successful as a chef due to the competition in that area. Though there are many opportunities that you can pursue with your creative culinary passion, regardless of your interests. To be a successful chef, you need to first have a culinary arts education. This is really important if you want to build your career as a chef.

Average salary: $56,310

Bed & Breakfast Owner

Today the concept of bed and breakfast is emerging a lot, but this career is for those who want to spread their labor of love with other people. There are really good opportunities present in the bed and breakfast industry as well. B&Bs have privately owned businesses mostly family businesses in the food industry.

Average earnings: $62,000

Cookbook Author

Whether you are an avid home cook or a culinary professional, being a cookbook author is one of the best careers for you to explore. You can share your childhood recipes as well as your own inventions. You can also have a food blog where you can share your recipes as well.

Average salary: $73.860

Food Entrepreneur

The food industry leads to all different kinds of niche markets for you to explore. So, most of the people become food entrepreneurs. They mainly have one or two products which they specialize in whether it can be a condiment, a drink, or a food item.

Average salary: $68,000

Research Chef

Most individuals always want to experiments with different ingredients and create a new dish. So, if you are into experimentation then you can have a career as a research chef where you can come up with new foods and dishes for the food industry,

Average salary: $61,780

Baker or Pastry Artist

If you are interested in baking or always loved it and want to share this with other people then you can become a baker or a pastry artist (if you have the skills for it). You can get a degree in baking or pastry arts programs. You can be a pastry chef in a restaurant or you can even have your own bakery. But to be in this field you need all the proper fine-tuned skills which are required or you won’t last here.

Average salary: $29,630

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