Are you feeling quite low now days? The current situation, the terror of virus, unhealthy lifestyle is affecting our physical and mental health.  To cope up with the present situation it is very important that we build our immune system so that we can lead a healthy and happy life. With the cycle of season change people tend to fall sick with cold and flu. Unknowingly we are allowing billions of bacteria to destroy our immune system. But the solution is very easy. Only six steps you have to follow and Voila! You are almost ready to fight with the invisible enemies.

  • Eat Healthy :-

Healthy diet always leads to healthy lifestyle. Regular green vegetables, seasonal fruits work very well in building the immunity. Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, bell papers, and fruits like strawberries, orange, kiwi should be included in the daily diet charts. Even black paper helps to boost our immune system. Doctors are saying to include garlic, turmeric, and ginger (anti-inflammatory) to daily diets. Citrus fruits have Vitamin C that makes our immune system strong. So hurry up and upgrade your diet because now you know to the key to a healthy life.

  • Multivitamins & Supplements :-

It is true that multivitamins and supplements help to strengthen our immune system. For instance vitamin C, B6, E, A plays a great role in boosting our immune system to help us fight the bacteria.  Other than foods one can intake multivitamins supplements to get the benefit of these vitamins. But our body can only absorb any vitamins a days. Apart from that these vitamins can have side effects and one must take it with the advice of the physicians. And if possible we should put emphasis on fresh veggies and fruits. So go ahead and invest on good vitamins! In this busy lifestyle, it is almost impossible to consume all nutrients. Hence, we suggest you to opt for multivitamin supplements to get the 100% RDA. We recommend you to try TrueBasics Multivit Women to get the daily dose of all the nutrients.

  • Exercise Daily :-

Because of lockdown we are bound to stay at home. But that doesn’t mean we’ll just sit on the couch and watch Netflix. Make your time worth living and start a daily habit of physical activity. Can’t hit the gym? Don’t worry. Grab your yoga mats and do those exercises that you can do at home. Physical activity like aerobics, yoga helps us to build our immune system, increase blood circulation and strengthen the muscles. But too much or prolonged exercise tends to affect our health. There are many apps available on play store which will help you to keep yourself fit and healthy. Pull up your socks and make some good sweats.

  • Stay Hydrated :-

We have a tendency to ignore the necessity of water in our life though the 90% of the human body is made with water. Drinking plenty of water keeps our body hydrated and also keeps our immune system healthy. Summer days are here and nothing can keep our body more hydrated than water. Doctors recommend drinking 7 to 8 liters daily. And if you want to make the water tasty soak some lemon, add some mint leaves and your tasty water is ready. Water helps to flush harmful toxins from our body and keeps it healthy. So do anything, drink it plain or make some cool drinks but drink plenty of it.

  • Proper Sleep :-

No one can ignore that we all love to sleep. And all the sleep lovers will be happy to hear that sleep also helps us to boost our immune system. Plenty of sleep relax our muscles and repair them. It also makes our skin healthy and gives it a natural glow. In today’s lifestyle we are very much addicted to our smart phones and the blue light emitting from it hampers our sleep. We must keep aside our phones at least one hour before going to bed. Meditation helps to get a sound sleep. Dim the light, sleep well and boost your immunity.

  • Maintain Hygiene :-

Hygiene has a direct connection with immunity. If you maintain proper hygiene it will help you to boost your immunity. It is necessary to wash your hands every time you eat. And now doctors are advising to wash hands for 20 seconds and use sanitizer. We need to keep some points in mind like cover your mouth whenever you sneeze and cough, wear masks whenever you went outside, wash fruit and vegetables properly before you eat them. Avoid public toilets and crowded area. We need to remember every time that “Health Is Wealth”. So eat, drink and sleep and stay healthy and fine.

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Ashish is a passionate Digital marketer with 5 years of experience. He has immense interest in Health & fitness and writes at Trendpickle

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