It is very rare that we have really enjoyed getting out of our beds, isn’t it? Our usual mornings are very rushed. After hitting the snooze button a few times, we finally force ourselves to get out of bed and then hurriedly do everything to step out of the house in time. But it’s time we do something about it and snap out of this habit. All you need to do is have a good morning yoga routine.

After sleeping for 7-8 hours, the body tends to become a little stiff. Inculcating morning yoga poses is essential to open up your body and start your day with the right foot. Here are 7 awesome yoga poses to do in the morning, so hurry up and pull out your mats!

  1. Balasana: This helps to reduce fatigue and stress, thereby preparing you for the day ahead. For this asana,
    Sit in vajrasana, with the palms on the knees
    Inhaling, lift your hands up and exhaling bend forward so that the chest is between the knees and the hands are stretched forward on the floor.
    Stay in this position for 15-20 breaths and relax.
  2. Utkatasana: It helps to activate the heart and abdominal organs and prepare the legs for the day. For this asana,
    Stand straight with one-foot distance between the legs, hands by the side of the body.
    Inhaling, lift your hands up in front of you, parallel to the floor, simultaneously come up on your toes
    Exhaling, lower your body to the floor in a squatting position and sit on your heels.
    Hold the position for 4 seconds and gently release the asana in the same way.
  3. Hastapadasana: It completely relaxes the tired muscles of the head and neck region and opens up the back. This is very beneficial for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. For this asana,
    Stand straight with legs together and arms by the side of the body
    Inhaling, lift the arms above the head. Exhaling, bend forward and touch the toes while keeping your spine and legs straight.
    Breathe normally for 4-6 counts and release the asana.
  4. Konasana III: When practiced in the morning, this asana helps to evacuate the bowels. For this,
    Stand with 3 feet distance between the legs.
    Exhaling, raise the right hand and lower the left hand, with the fingers pointing out.
    Then bend forward and twist, so that the left-hand touches the right foot and the left hand is pointing upwards.
    Stay here for 4 seconds and gently release, and repeat it on the other side as well.
  5. Yastikasana: This helps to open up the body completely and remove all the stiffness. This simple asana can be practiced in the bed itself. For this,
    Lie down on your back, with the legs together and arms by the side of the body.
    Inhaling, lift your hands up, above your head and point your toes downward. And stretch the body in opposite directions.
    Stretch for 4-5 seconds and release the asana.
  6. Pawanmukhtasana: As the name suggests, this asana helps to clear out the gasses from your stomach and regulate your bowel movement. For this asana,
    Lie down on your back with the legs together and arms by the side of the body.
    Bend the knees and bring the knees close to the chest. With your arms hug the knees and pull them closer.
    Hold this position for 5-6 normal breaths and release.
  7. Stithaprarthanaasana: A calming pose that balances not only your body and mind but also your nervous system. A simple pose that inculcates the feeling of gratitude at the start of your day. For this,
    Stand straight with the legs together
    Join your hands together in front of the chest in a ‘namaskar’ position.
    Keeping your eyes closed, just observe your breath and be grateful for another beautiful morning!

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