Having your wisdom teeth removed is not the end of the feat. If you do not take care of your oral health and follow precautions, complications will arise. But it is necessary to go for the extraction. Not doing so can lead to pain, infection, cyst formation, possible crowding, and even damage to adjacent teeth. While each of these has its remedies offered by many oral and facial surgery centers, it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when your teeth are concerned.

If you are going for a wisdom tooth extraction in Charlotte NC, or in Cornelius, Charlotte, Huntersville, you need to know what are the things to keep in mind post your wisdom tooth extraction. Although the oral surgeon will prescribe what you need to do, it is your responsibility to ensure that all the suggestions are taken care of properly.

Complications of an unattended impacted wisdom tooth:

Damage to other teeth: If the impacted wisdom tooth comes in contact with the second molar, it can cause infection. It can cause pressure on the second molar and crowding with other teeth which will require them to be straightened by undergoing orthodontic treatment. Formation of Cyst: A wisdom tooth develops within a jawbone in sac. This sac can fill up with fluid which can lead to the formation of a cyst. This cyst can damage the teeth, jawbone and even the nerves. Sometimes, a non-cancerous tumor can develop too. Such complications need the removal of tissue and bone.

Gum disease: Difficulty in cleaning wisdom teeth (impacted or partially erupted) adds to the risk of a condition percoronitis (painful inflammatory gum condition) in the specific area.

Decaying: Fully or partially impacted wisdom teeth are at higher risks of tooth decay. The reason is because wisdom teeth are tough to clean. It is also easier for food particles to get trapped between the gum and partially erupted wisdom tooth. This leads to the formation of bacteria.

To avoid these complications, it is strongly recommended for you to undergo wisdom tooth extraction Charlotte NC without any delay at all. You can also opt for dental implants in the spot of your extracted wisdom tooth. For dental implants, titanium is used to replace the extracted root. Time is allowed for the jawbone to bond with the titanium which forms a strong foundation for the artificial tooth. If multiple teeth have been extracted or are missing, there are many options of treatment available at renowned oral and facial surgery centers in Charlotte, NC.

It is important to have your lower or upper wisdom teeth removal in your teenage years as complications may increase with age. It takes longer to heal and chances of infection are higher. You can choose the appropriate type of anesthesia. This ensures that you do not undergo any pain during the procedure.

Here are 7 key points that will help you in recovering faster post your wisdom tooth extraction:

1.Proper Medication: The most important thing that you need to do is to follow the prescribed medication given by your surgeon. Not doing this will delay your recovery process as well as may cause complications. So, never forget to follow every recommendation made by your oral surgeon. There are many centers of dental implants in Charlotte NC and in other places like Mooresville, Statesville, Davidson, that offer various health-recovery programs post their surgeries and procedures that help people return to their normal routine faster.

2.Surgical Gauze Pad: Immediately after your lower or upper wisdom teeth removal, a surgical gauze pad is used to protect the spot and stop the bleeding. You also need to avoid vigorous rinsing which may dislocate the blood clot and cause bleeding. You can resume brushing based on when your surgeon tells you. This comes usually within one day or two days but slowly. Mouth wash, however, is not advised as it can affect the clotting.

3.Use Ice Packs for Swelling: Swelling is normal post your wisdom tooth extraction in Charlotte NC. While it usually heals within a day or two, surgeons suggest applying ice packs on the side of the mouth for 36 hours post surgery. Applying ice packs helps in controlling the blood flow which brings down the swelling. And if, even after two or three days the swelling does not subside, contact your surgeon.

4.No Smoking and Drinking: Both of these are strictly prohibited after your wisdom tooth removal or dental implants in Charlotte NC. Both of these can cause infections at the spot of the extraction or surgery which can lead to serious complications in the not too distant future. So, avoid them at all costs.

5.Oral Care: After two or three days, or as suggested by your surgeon, begin brushing your teeth gently. Do not use mouthwash for some days as mentioned before. It is very important to make sure that your mouth remains clean at all times. It is important to have no food particles stuck between your gums and teeth.  This can lead to further decay. To prevent this, rinse your mouth with warm salt water which helps get rid of the particles completely.

6.Avoid straws to drink: This is very important. Using a straw to drink can lead to bleeding and other gum complications. So, avoid the use of straws too. The main cause of this is the suction that is created which can have adverse effects on the clot formed.

7.Restrict your activities: Many people often overlook this point after their wisdom tooth extraction Charlotte NC. The human body will heal faster when it receives rest. So the fewer activities you perform, the faster you will heal. You need to avoid rigorous activities like playing and running for at least some days.

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When Should You Call Your Dentist

With each passing day, pain and swelling should decrease. You need to call your oral surgeon if any of the following occurs:

  • Swelling gets worse with each passing day
  • Excessive bleeding from the surgical wound
  • Severe pain even after three to four days post your wisdom tooth extraction Charlotte NC.
  • A persisting elevated fever

Keeping the 7 key points in mind will help you recover from your wisdom tooth extraction Charlotte NC or in other places in North Carolina, like Kenansville, Concord that have renowned facial and oral surgery centers. Each of these precautions will contribute towards faster healing and thus proper functioning of your teeth. For more in-depth knowledge about what you should do, consult your surgeon as he or she will be able to suggest to you what is best for your dental surgery.

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