You might think having your ideal interiors, furniture pieces, and layout is enough to make your home a safe dwelling. Sure, these factors may make up the perfect home, but it is vital to be safe, comfortable, and healthy in your personal space.

With self-care being all the rave during these COVID-19 times, you might want to consider making your home into a place that promotes health, safety, and wellness. Here are nine essentials that help you do so.

Open-Floor Plans

Open-floor layouts allow better airflow and distribution of natural light in your home. Having sustainable energy sources makes your home feel closer to nature, especially if you live in a busy city. The openness of your home also eliminates any feeling of being cooped up in a dark, gloomy house. You want to feel free moving around in your home, regardless of your square footage.

Expand space by using mirrors, low-legged furniture pieces, and pieces that have hidden storage. Open spaces allow you and your household to enjoy doing things you love without feeling limited and cramped. In other words, a free and clutter-free space establishes freedom and intimacy at the same time.

Screens and Foldable Dividers

An open home is ideal for establishing freedom in your daily life. However, privacy is also crucial as it keeps you safe and comfortable. Likewise, having a quiet environment is vital in keeping your workspace conducive to productivity.

Translucent screens and foldable dividers are convenient borders that you can quickly put up and store away when you need them. They are also stylish, like the interiors of Discovery Primea in Makati City. Use them to create a barrier between your workspace and bedroom or living room. Not only will you have privacy when you need it, but your home will look neat and spruced up.

Indoor Plants

Indoor greenery adds aesthetic value to your home. They also offer health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety, as proven by many studies. Introducing plants into your home is an affordable way to bring more life to the space. Their vibrant colors also perfectly contrast the neutral colors of your home’s interior.

Some indoor plants also help purify the air. These plants include ivy, spider plant, ferns, and philodendrons. People living in high-traffic areas like Makati may place these plants in their home to cleanse the polluted air they breathe.

Human-centered Furniture

Your furniture pieces shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing, but they should also be functional and comfortable. There is a diverse array of modern furniture that fits almost any home interior. Likewise, they are also ergonomic and worth the spending. Some furniture pieces you might want to consider putting in your home are wheeled-seating, a hanging nest chair, and low-legged furniture.

White Noise Sounds

Assuming you live in a busy city, you’ve probably gotten used to hearing the loud noise of traffic, construction, and people coming in and out of buildings or transportation. You’re probably used to working with background noise, but this will take a toll on your peace of mind.

Reduce background noise by playing white noise sounds while you work or enjoy your hobbies. You’ll find many calming sounds online that you can play through your speakers or wireless headphones. Choose from sounds of rain falling on a tin roof, waves crashing on the shore, or rushing waterfalls. These nature songs will help put you to sleep, bring out your creative juices, and keep you productive.

Self-sanitizing Handles

With COVID-19 and other infectious diseases still lurking, keeping your home sanitized is crucial. Continually keeping surfaces and every nook and cranny clean and disinfected may be tedious, but doing so ensures your safety and wellness. Increase sanitation in your home by installing self-sanitizing door knobs and cupboard handles. These self-cleaning gadgets turn off automatically when toggled, and start sanitizing themselves with UV rays when at rest. Self-sanitizing handles allow you to open doors and cabinets without worrying too much about spreading viruses and bacteria.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are part of many self-care routines across the globe. Their varied scents allow you to have your aromatherapy in your bedroom, bathroom, and workstation. Many scented candles are also decorative, making them perfect accents for your home. Couple your scented candles with potpourri or incense to amplify the scents and ambiance to soothe you while your work, read, paint, or sleep.

Tea, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate

Besides being delicious and healthy, your favorite drinks help soothe your tired body, mind, and soul. Stock up on your favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to have hearty beverages readily available. Serve them cold for a refreshing feel, or hot during cold seasons or when you need to relax and fall asleep.

Private Nook

Yes, you can still have a private nook whether you live in a studio unit or an expansive villa. Your personal den can be a nesting chair with a small coffee table adorned with a few potted succulents. It could also be a daybed with your favorite pillows and blanket, a spot perfect for watching the rain or sun go up and down. It can be in your garden area; hang a hammock or hanging chair to rock you while you nap, read, or play your favorite video games. Your private nook is your safe space where you can create, have fun, and relax after a tiring day from school or work.

The road to better physical and mental health begins at home. Take a look at your private space and see which of these nine factors you need to get started on your road to better self-care and well-being.

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