In bloodstreams when excess sugar levels build up then it is known as Diabetes. Diabetes type 1 leaves patients with life-long complications. Besides, having proper physical activities and a healthy diet, the patient needs to take medicines and treatments to manage the disease. 

So, what diabetes type 1 is? Is diabetes type 1 curable? What are its symptoms and treatment options? We have compiled up all the important information to be aware of the disease and its potential cure or treatment! Know deeply about it!

What is Diabetes Type 1?

In Diabetes Type 1 the pancreas stops producing insulin. Insulin works in the body to help glucose to immerse into cells for energy. If the pancreas produces no or little insulin cells then glucose starts collecting in blood, which leads to a series of issues. These issues might cause heart, kidney, nerves, teeth, eyes, or any other related diseases in the body.

Every year around 40000 people get clutched in type 1 disease in the US. Usually, this issue is diagnosed in youngsters that is the reason Type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. However, it can appear in anybody, irrespective of age.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1

Type 1 symptoms are:

  • Quite often urinating
  • Feeling very thirsty almost all the time
  • Losing weight unexpectedly
  • Feeling fatigued and hungry quite so often
  • Having itchy and dry skin
  • Blurry eyesight
  • Infections healing slowly
  • Feeling tingles in feet
  • Instant mood swings and irritability
  • Bed-wetting in children who usually don’t get wet during the night

Causes of Diabetes Type 1

Type 1 diabetes chokes insulin production however the exact cause of this issue is still unknown. It is believed that when the immune system destroys insulin production in the pancreas mistakenly then this disease emerges.   

The immune system fights off foreign invaders such as harmful bacteria. However, with type 1 diabetes, the immune system doesn’t let the body produce insulin beta cells and mistakenly recognize it as foreign invaders. As it destroys beta cells, so the production of insulin gets stopped. However, the reason for this immune system attacking its own cells is still a mystery. Moreover, exposure to viruses and genetic causes are also contemplated behind the emergence of this disease.

Is Diabetes Type 1 Curable?

Currently, there’s no permanent cure available for diabetes type 1. The patient needs to take medicinal or other treatment persistently on the basis of his/her exact condition. However, for a long time, the person can remain in remission. It simply means although the disease has not been cured or is present technically yet the patient doesn’t show any symbol of being diabetic.  

As per the reports, A1C levels (that measures blood sugar level) in such persons who remain in remission stay below 6 percent, which is itself a good number. However, a diabetic person having no remission has 6.5 percent or above A1C levels.

As per the recent research by US researchers, human stem cells can help to produce insulin cells and hence can become a great cure for the disease. By transplanting these stem cells type 1 diabetes can be cured.

However, more research is required to come to a final verdict and if we talk about today, then there’s still a long road to cure!

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Diabetes Type 1 Treatment

To manage diabetes type 1 there are various treatment options. Have a look!

Insulin and Other Medications

The patient with type 1 disease is supposed to take insulin for a lifetime. For that various medicines, injections, insulin pumps are available that help the person in keeping blood sugar levels under control.

For injections, a fine needle or syringe is used. Insulin pumps are of cell phone size, so you can easily carry it wherever you go.

Type 1 diabetes treatment in homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment is one of the natural ways to cure a disease. Its remedies come from plants, minerals, animals, etc. These are based on the principle that a substance raises its therapeutic strength when it is diluted. These natural substances are formulated in ointments, creams, sugar pellets, drops, tablets, etc.

Many patients have given the green flag to Type 1 diabetes treatment in homeopathy. They felt relief from diabetes symptoms, didn’t get any side-effects and found it a holistic approach.

However, homeopathic treatment can’t stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin cells in case of type 1 diabetes. Reviews apart, there’s very little evidence of assured results of homeopathic treatment. Many more types of research are still required to determine its worth and effectiveness in treating diabetes type 1.

Artificial Pancreas

People age 14 or older can get an artificial pancreas as per FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is known as closed-loop insulin delivery. The implanted device delivers an accurate amount of insulin as required by the body.

However, it’s not very successful. Besides many other such artificial systems are under clinical trials.

Along with all this, a healthy diet, blood sugar controlling, physical activities, and many other precautions can help the patient in controlling the disease.

Wrapping Up!

Type 1 diabetes demands immediate resorting to medicines or other treatment ways. In case, controlling blood sugar levels are out of your reach then don’t ever hesitate in contacting the doctor on time.

We hope you got all clarifications regarding diabetes type 1. In case of any doubt or query, feel free to ask us!

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