So, you’re thinking of buying a house in sunny Queensland? That’s great! Sunshine Coast House Inspections are your top choice when it comes to home inspections in Sunshine Coast, so it’s only natural that we’d be one of the first companies you think of when moving to this area from somewhere else. However, even if you aren’t new to the Sunshine Coast, it’s still worth giving us a call before making any huge purchases like buying or selling a house, because you never know what hidden surprises there might be in your potential new home!

The Importance of a House Inspection

Inspections are important because they can find things that you might not have thought of. For example, if you’re buying a house, an inspection could turn up something as small as a snake hiding in the grass near your back door. A snake rescue organization like Snake Rescue Sunny Coast will then come and remove the snake from your property to keep it from harming anyone or anything. This is just one example, but inspections can also turn up bigger problems such as mold or termites that need to be addressed before they become more serious issues. When you hire Snake Rescue Sunny Coast for an inspection, we’ll identify any potential problem areas so you know exactly what needs to be done before moving into your new home.

What We Found During Our Inspection

We’re not sure if this is common knowledge, but there are snakes living on the Sunshine Coast that pose no threat to people or pets. We found this out during our inspection of a house where we found one snake and reported it to Snake Rescue Sunny Coast. They came and took care of it quickly, so there was no need for anyone to be alarmed. This example shows how helpful and knowledgeable an inspection can be when you know what to look for. Inspectors will see things like snakes in your yard and report them to Snake Rescue Sunny Coast so they can come take care of them. Some people have a fear of snakes because they’ve been bitten before, which is why some snake owners relocate them away from areas where humans might encounter them. But don’t worry- most snakes are harmless to humans!

Why This Matters for Homeowners

There are plenty of wildlife that live in Australia and that can enter our homes without us even realizing. There are snakes, spiders, millipedes and more. We want to make sure you’re safe, so please consider having your home inspected for these creatures. One way to do that is with Sunshine Coast house inspections for snakes. There’s always one hiding somewhere! Another way is with Snake Rescue Sunny Coast; they specialize in snake removal and relocation services. They’ve been doing this since 1999 and have removed over 10,000 snakes from residential properties-talk about dedication to the job! If you’re looking for help determining what type of snake is living in your yard or home or if you need help removing it, we would love to help. Snake Rescue Sunny Coast is here to assist.

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