A premiere healthcare service provider in Eastern India, AMRI Hospitals has introduced ‘Concierge Services’ for comprehensive patient care to avert the threat of Covid-19 pandemic, while making the procedure quick and seamless. Concierge Services is a new concept in healthcare, as it is mostly known in the hospitality sector. However, AMRI Hospitals has a knack of innovating new concepts to improve the healthcare services and serve the people in a comprehensive manner. 

With the launch of Concierge Services, AMRI Hospitals has become the first healthcare provider to introduce such a facility in the Eastern India. It won’t be a surprise if it becomes the next big thing in the sector, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. AMRI Concierge Services include minimum waiting time at OPD, priority appointment for senior citizens and transport facility for patients via Uber rides. One can avail the services by dialing 66800000.  

With personalized healthcare options through Concierge Services, patients would feel more assured, while saving a lot of time and money during the procedure. Earlier, AMRI Hospitals also came up with Virtual Home Care service to ease the burden on the healthcare systems across the country. It uses video interactions with healthcare professionals, to guide, reassure, aide and facilitate the process of clinical care-giving, enriched with experience, expertise and empathy.

AMRI Hospitals often comes up with live-saving initiatives, especially in the hour of the need. The Concierge Services is yet another example, wherein AMRI intends to contribute significantly to make healthcare easily accessible to those in need of the same. The Concierge Services will not only save time and money, but also make the process convenient for the people in Eastern India. It is a viable solution amidst all the uncertainty, risk and limitations of following the traditional procedure.       

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