Embracing an authentic holistic lifestyle involves improving your wellbeing during your off time, as well as in the workplace.

Work can be one of the most stressful environments. Therefore employers must incorporate holistic practices into their work schedules to improve staff wellbeing and, in turn, increase productivity.

To help you understand more about authentic holistic living, we will explain everything you need to know about holistic living. We will also look at the different ways it can be utilised in the workplace and the positive impact it will have on your business and staff.

What is Authentic Holistic Living in the Workplace?

To live an authentic holistic lifestyle, an individual must change all aspects of their life to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This is a natural approach to life which could include small changes such as exercising more and taking up meditation to completely transforming daily routines from what you eat to what you listen to and more.

Many people approach this on an individual basis. However, as most people spend a third of their life at work, this time must serve them well. Therefore, the best way to improve a working environment is by encouraging staff members to take up at least one holistic practice that will help them improve their overall wellbeing.

6 Holistic Ways to Improve Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

There are several holistic approaches that can be used in the workplace to lift spirits, boost morale and improve wellbeing at work. Here are some of the effective holistic practices that you can offer your staff:

Mindfulness coaching

One of the best ways to relieve stress while at work is to practise mindfulness during a break. The most effective way to encourage this is by hosting mindfulness coaching sessions before, during or after work to help alleviate tension and anxiety.

Mindfulness coaching essentially involves a mentor session in which a certified mindfulness coach will help participants understand more about mindfulness practices while guiding them through the process. After a few sessions, individuals will learn how to achieve a mindfulness state themselves, which involves feeling a sense of awareness without forming a reaction. Practising mindfulness correctly and regularly can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and even pain, which is extremely beneficial for fast-paced companies.

Sound therapy

Sound therapy is another beneficial holistic practice that can be used in various ways to improve wellbeing in the workplace. For instance, hosting lunchtime sound baths can promote increased productivity, as sound baths involve soothing instruments such as gongs that create the perfect vibrations to settle and clear the mind.

Sound therapy can also be used alongside meditation with instruments such as tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls which are also used to treat stress, anxiety, depression and pain. This will help employees in various ways, although it will achieve the same result – balance and rejuvenation.

Exercise classes

One of the most common types of holistic practice is exercise, as it naturally boosts endorphins and, over time, can improve physical and mental health. This could involve everything from yoga sessions and HIIT classes to running groups and more.

You could also offer gym memberships as incentives to staff who achieve certain goals or reward loyal staff after every year of service. This will encourage staff to exercise more and will not only improve their own personal health but should also enhance their performance at work.

Employee check-ins

A simple but effective approach for improving the wellbeing of employees is to organise monthly check-ins to see how they are getting on. This will help management form a better bond with staff while also uncovering any issues that an individual or group may be experiencing.

This will show employees that their wellbeing is important, which will, in turn, boost morale and enhance productivity.

Provide health benefits

More companies are now offering employees private healthcare cover, allowing staff to get quicker treatment access and providing a wide range of health benefits. On the other hand, some businesses are embracing more natural methods by educating staff on herbalism with the help of certified practitioners who specialise in plant healing.

Both methods can provide employees with a health benefit of some kind, although the latter is much more in line with an authentic holistic lifestyle.

Offer flexibility

One of the most effective ways to live an authentic holistic lifestyle is to create the perfect balance between work and downtime.

This is where flexible hours and working from home comes in handy, as it helps employees feel more in control of their own schedules. It also allows them the freedom to do what they enjoy while also getting their work done.

How to Improve Your Company’s Workplace Wellbeing

There are very few health and wellness companies that offer workplace wellbeing packages like VWellness do. If you are looking to improve the health and vitality of your employees, VWellness’ V-Connects service is the perfect solution, as it invites holistic practices into the corporate world to alleviate any stress and anxiety.

V-Connects is a bespoke service that provides businesses with access to certified holistic practitioners who specialise in everything from yoga and meditation to herbalism and Tuina. These holistic services will naturally boost staff engagement and bonding while making the workplace a much more safe and relaxed space.

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