Learn about the tips to reduce snoring.

Snoring is a widespread condition that almost every adult person experiences. It is a natural condition for many and may not have any underlying medical condition. But snoring is very annoying and hampers sound sleep for not just you, but your partner’s as well.

Snoring can be because of the wrong sleep position or some other reasons that involve the nasal passage and the nostrils.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring happens when the tissues present in the nasal passage relax and makes the airway narrow. It, in turn, restricts the airflow and creates vibrating noise from the nose. The pitch of the snore varies from person to person and depends on the number of airway restrictions in your nose and mouth.

Sometimes cold flu causes snoring sounds as the nasal passage remains congested. Swelling of the throat and cough can increase snoring. You can get snore relief by using nasal drops or inhalers during cough and flu.

Another reason for snoring is the anatomy of the mouth. You may have enlarged tonsils or certain defects inside your mouth or nasal passage that may lead to snoring.

Steps to Stop Snoring

Weight Management

If you are overweight, snoring can be a problem for you. People with overweight tend to snore more. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet free from fried foods or too many salty foods. Also, it would help if you exercised daily to stay fit and active. In case of a proper diet routine, consult with a nutritionist.

Sleep Pattern

People who sleep on their backs snore often. It happens because the airflow is restricted through the throat when you sleep on your back. The best way is to sleep on your side. It will reduce snoring.

Raise Your Head

If you sleep with your head raised by 4 inches, it may allow comfortable airflow. That way, you can have a sound sleep without snoring.

Nasal Strip or Spray

You can use nasal strips that can be placed on top of the bridge of your nose. It increases the space in the nasal passage that clears the airflow. Also, using an anti-snoring nasal spray is very useful in reducing snoring.

Anti-allergy Treatment

Sometimes chronic allergies reduce the airflow of the nasal passage. When this happens, you are forced to breathe through your mouth during sleep which increases the chances of snoring. Thus, make sure to treat your allergies to improve your condition.

Structural Defect Correction

It has been found that due to some structural defects inside the nose or mouth, one experiences snoring every time they sleep. It may happen due to the misalignment of the nostril’s walls, narrow passage, or other conditions. In such cases, a small surgery is needed to treat the restrictions.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Always try to avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime. It is because any form of alcohol releases the throat and nasal muscles that can cause snoring.

Snoring is a problem for many, and it can easily be treated with proper habits, lifestyle, nasal sprays, or other methods. All you need to figure out is the cause of the problem.

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