Woodwind Wi-Fi 24 Pellet Grill & Smoker

Its Woodwind Wi-Fi 24 is an stylish, flexible grill that is a good fit in tight spaces thanks to its legs that are vertical and its small footprint. We tested it using an attractive propane-fueled griddle that is attached on the sides (called”the Sidekick) that operates independently of the controller for pellet grills. The distribution of heat was uniform with the only exception being the Traeger. The sear zone was the easiest to operate and had an opening slide that opens to expose the central part grill to direct warmth of the flame. The control panel with a color LCD lets you set the temperature as well as the quantity of smoke created. (You can also set that through the grill’s application.) We were impressed with all the features and added Sidekick however, they do increase the price. The Woodwind Wi-Fi 24 runs $800 without the grill. As of the time we wrote this review this article, we discovered that Woodwind Wi-Fi 24 bundled with the Sidekick was out of stock however, you can purchase the Sidekick on its own for $239.99.

Rider 900 Pellet Grill

Its Rider 900 has a three-piece cast-iron grate, coated with porcelain, with plenty of mass and assists in maintaining a consistent temperature. It is also different from other grills it Rider includes grill and smoke settings of two different sizes with the same dial with temperatures ranging from 300 degF for smoking and medium, low, and high over that to grill. We cooked brisket on the lower range , and grill chicken at the lower end of the grilling spectrum. The unorthodox control was strange but it produced delicious results.

Traeger Pro Series 575

The original creators for the Pellet Grill The Traeger Pro 575 is a good performer. Our tests showed that it created ample smoke at constant temperature for the brisket we cooked that we cooked over night. The app also provides all the necessary information so that we don’t need to go outside to check the grill. The test of white bread revealed an astonishingly uniform temperatures. This meant we didn’t need to be concerned about leaving things in one location for too long, and the burgers all cooked in the same amount of time. 575 produces pleasant consistently good results and is able to smoke less hot than other models.

Pitt Boss Copperhead 5-Series Smoker

We pulled the most delicious Brisket from our Copperhead 5-Series. Although, as a smoker of the cabinet the Pit Boss has an advantage in relation to this particular cut. The glass doors are a wonderful feature that lets you observe things without opening it , and thereby loss of heat. It’s a double-edged weapon but we needed to clean it every time we used it to check what was happening inside. The first piece of meat we put in the smoker was Brisket, which cooked through 9.5 hours at 225 degrees F. When it was fed pellets, it generated more smoke, which we found very comforting. Cleaning up the ash that was generated from the the smoke chamber afterwards was an easy task that will take only an hour or so using the help of a shop vacuum.

Country Smokers Traveler

The Traveler is as basic and minimalist an electric grill as you’ll find. It’s also among the cheapest. This is a good thing, as we discovered the Traveler to be well-built grill capable of smoking slow and low and grilling chicken, burgers and other items. The small volume of the internal compartment makes it necessary to close it at all times, particularly when smoking, as closing the Traveler causes the temperature to decrease quite significantly. If we were to crack the Traveler open, we discovered it was the “High” setting, above the 450 degree mark, was able to maintain steady temperatures on the surface of cooking. We were initially apprehensive of the small hopper and thought we would have to fill it up constantly but that wasn’t the situation. We smoked for about 6 hours before we had to finish it off. It might have been more.

Cuisinart Clermont Grill and Smoker

The Clermont is an enormous piece of equipment with a size of almost 65 inches in width and boasting 1,400 square feet of floor space. Imagine it as an outdoor cooktop that is multi-purpose equipped with sealed glass doors with two oven racks over the grill’s surface, internal lighting and a wrap-around work area. In the case of smoking brisket we set it in the center rack located in the middle of the grill, which was where temperatures were more steady. We also cooked chicken, burgers and other veggies on our main grill grids without any issues. However, we did spot an area of hotness located to the right of the center on the grill’s main side. If we wanted to use direct heat, using the lever on the front in order to let the air vents open and heat the sear zone to give it some colors and complete the look was simple.

Memphis Grills Elite Pellet Smoker

Memphis Grills’ Elite can be described as an absolute Rolls Royce of pellet smokers. It comes with a number of remarkable features and specifications however what makes it the most popular pellet grill is the build quality. The Elite is constructed of 100% sealed, dual-walled stainless steel. This is a premium design that means it can be sat in on your patio for a long time without rusting. However, it will also produce the best food that are possible.

One of the advantages of this top-quality model is the scorching maximum temp of 700 degrees F. It can also be set as low as 180 degrees for more slow cooking. It is also managed by Memphis’s mobile application.

This Elite grill also has the largest hopper of 24 pounds that will keep the smoker running all the way to 62 consecutive hours by it. In terms of the cooking space it’s not the largest of our choices with 844 square inches of space, but it’s sufficient for most households and smaller gatherings.

Cuisinart Clermont

Cuisinart’s Clermont is a one-stop grill and smoker that actually performs. The advanced grill is powered by wood pellets which Cuisinart comes in a variety of designs. The auger feeds pellets to the hopper at an ongoing rate. All you need be doing is to adjust the heat and then wait to allow the Clermont to reach a temperature that is hot enough.

In our tests in our tests, the Clermont did very well. It takes a bit for it to be fully heated, but the temperature remains constant following that. It has three racks that provide a amount of 1.400 square inches cooking space. This lets us cook quite a bit of food at the same time without crowding the layers. The only issue to this is the Clemont is quite large and measures 64 inches tall and at 58-inches in width. If you have space, it’s definitely worth the investment.

We made use of the Clermont to smoke and grill meats. We were surprised by the way that a smokey flavor was infused into the meats from our shorter cooking. If you’re cooking all day barbecue or brisket there’s a hint of smoke. Similar to Weber’s Genesis EX-335, the Cuisinart Clermont comes with meat probes that have wireless connectivity using an application. The grill will inform you when the meat is finished and ready to cook, this is particularly crucial during cooking that takes longer. We also advise you to make sure that the probe is placed directly in the middle of your meat.

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