Protein is one of the most important and best food classification or group for everyone both young, and old, man or woman, protein food also comes with numerous benefits and vitamins which is good and helpful to our body system.

List Of Health Benefits of Eating Protein

  • It Can Help You Lose Weight
  • It boost your metabolism
  • Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness
  • Lowers Risk for Diabetes
  • Build Muscle Mass
  • Boost Your Immune System

These are the few list of health benefits of eating protein, if you are a body builder then you should eat more protein because it is good for your muscles, it will increase the mass of your muscles within short period of time.

All the tips and instructions in this article, work for both man and woman, if you are male body builder you can make use of this article, because it will work for you, likewise it also work for female bodybuilder, because our body system is almost the same when it comes to protein benefits, all the food listed on this article can increase the mass of both male and female muscles the complete best keto diet plan

Best Protein Foods Diet For Bodybuilding Females Muscles Fast

1. Egg

Egg is one of the most popular food that is rich in protein, billions of people eat aleast one egg every day, if you want to increase the mass of your muscles as a female and male bodybuilder, should eat more egg every day.

One big egg contains an egg: 6 g protein, egg is comes with branched-chain amino acids, always make sure you egg aleast one egg in the morning with maybe before, during, or after your breakfast, it will give you extra nutrient throughout the day. Egg is one of the cheapest food in the supermarket.

2. Sardines

Sardines is also one of the best protein food for female bodybuilder it is also good for male too, and other athlete because it is high source of protein.

Sardines is available in every supermarket, make sure you started and increase the intake of Sardines.

Sardines contains high protein : 21 g per 3-oz. serving canned sardines, the fish in Sardines contains high-protein and it is full of omega-3 fats and vitamin D, and also low in mercury since it’s small and low on the food chain. You can stirring them into mashed potatoes, cauliflower or other foods to cut their strong taste.

3. Chicken And Turkey

Chicken and Turkey is high source of protein for female and male bodybuilder and other athlete, if you want to increase your muscles mass you should increase the intake of Chicken and Turkey everyday if you can.

Chicken and turkey should be included in every bodybuilder both female and male, because it gives the body enough nutrients that is needed always.

Chicken and turkey is good source of high quality protein, and also extremely low in saturated and trans fats.

Chicken breast contains 172 calories, 48% protein and 48% fat likewise, Turkey also contains119 calories, 73% protein and 22% fat

4. Beans/Legumes

Beans/Legumes is one of the most popular source of high protein, when it comes bodybuilding beans and legumes is very important and it must be included in all bodybuilder both male and female Including other athlete, because it is high source of protein.

Must people including athlete think meat, fish, and other related food are bodybuilding foods, but they didn’t know that beans and legumes is very important for every bodybuilder, Although we have different types of beans, these beans are source of high protein.

  • Kidney beans contains 58% protein
  • Lima beans, contains 24% protein
  • Navy beans contains 37% protein.

5. Fish

Fish is the last on my list for the best protein food diet for female bodybuilder, fish is an excellent source of high protein, which must be included in every athlete diet including bodybuilder, if you want to increase your muscles mass, and you need to increase the intake of fish.

Although we have different fish in the fish market but there are some fishes that are good source of high protein, such as salmon, tuna, and others.

Other canned fish packed in water is very handy because it always provides a quick source of protein on the go.

You want to start keto diet as beginner here is best keto diet plan guide and information about other sources of high protein for female bodybuilders.

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