There are many ailments and issues that men face that are exclusively concerned with their reproductive health. These can be of different kinds and intensity but one thing that is common in all is that it affects the penis.

What Are The Major Causes Of Penile Swelling?

One of these problems is the swelling of the penis. This swelling can have a bad odor, lumps, and bumps and can be a discharge. Or on certain occasions there is nothing of the above just swollen penis. Many of its causes mentioned below can be treated with adult circumcision.


It is the most common of all swellings in which the head of the penis becomes inflamed. It is caused by either a yeast infection or the person is suffering from diabetes.  

Irritation And Allergic Reaction

People are allergic to various different items that can be the most common in the house. Different parts of the body react to it differently and at times the penis is the one which is effected the most.


It is a tube that has the job of taking the urine from the bladder to the penis. The main symptoms that occur in this are painful and burning sensation during urination. Growth in the urge to urinate.


In this the erection happens but there is no stimulation. The prolonged erection is very painful and can make the penis to swell.

Peyronie’s Disease

When plaque develops on the teeth; it can permanently damage the teeth. So think what it will do when it is under the foreskin of the penis. This can make the penis bent but it is an abnormal type.


There are various fungal problems that can create on the foreskin which is a major issue that can cause soreness, tightness and redness. You can consult expert surgeons in clinics like Circumcision Center.


At times two penile issues occur at the same time. Balanoposthitis arises when both the foreskin and the head of the penis gets swelled up. This mostly occurs when a person is not circumcised.


When the foreskin is unable to be pulled on the glans then the swelling occurs; but it is very rare. The men can experience tenderness, discomfort, urinating problem, pain and redness.


It is the totally opposite of Paraphimosis; in which the skin is tightly gripped around the head of the penis. It becomes really difficult for the men to move and especially there is pain during erection.

Penile Cancer

On very rare occasions it happens that one of the above swelling problems increases so much that it develops into penile cancer. The most common indication of penile cancer is when the skin starts to change its color.

Adult Circumcision Can Be A Permanent Solution

For different problems like swollen foreskin no pain the doctors and surgeons recommend the men to have the circumcision surgery. This is the most effective treatment and the results are long-lasting.

When Is The Right Time To Visit The Doctor?

It is recommended to go to the doctor and discuss the whole situation. This will surely help you as well as the surgeon to make the right decision for the adult circumcision surgical procedure.

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