Catering for corporate events has recently become more and more popular and widespread in the business environment. It is generally considered that arranging different corporate parties for the company’s employees helps to stabilize team relations and to establish partnership between colleagues. Therefore, special attention should be always paid to corporate event planning and organization. 

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Types of corporate events

A specialized approach to preparing for a corporate event includes not only organizing a banquet or buffet table, but also organizing leisure activities aimed at ensuring that all those the guests spend time with benefit for themselves and have the opportunity to communicate in a comfortable environment. Depending on the individual preferences and wishes of the client, our company will help with such types of corporate events as:

  • Formal banquets where senior management or foreign partners are invited. They are considered the most complex and costly, require a special attitude to serving, involve exclusively professional experienced waiters in the service;
  • With incomplete service – buffet (Swedish, “sandwich”) tables, designed for a large number of invited guests. Snacks, mostly cold, are placed on special tables, and the participants put their own meals and choose a convenient place in the hall;
  • Events in an informal setting – in your office or outdoors, in which field chefs are involved, additional equipment is rented.

Our company takes a special approach to organizing each corporate party, so we can guarantee that the evening will be held in a light and relaxed atmosphere. All employees and guests will have an excellent opportunity to communicate and spend time with pleasure, discovering new perspectives and recharging themselves with a positive attitude for future activities. Hope you love reading about Catering for corporate events.


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