You’ve probably have heard about CBD oil because a lot of people talk about it! But what is it exactly? And how to use it? I will explain to you the basics in this post!

What is CBD oil and how do you use it?

Let’s start with the question “what is CBD oil?”. CBD oil is a supplement. It contains the active ingredient CBD (or; “Cannabidiol”), a compound found in hemp. CBD oil has various potential health benefits! CBD oil is mainly taken sublingually, which means under your tongue so it can absorb through there. You can also mix CBD oil into foods and drinks. However; because of ‘bio-availability’, CBD oil is more effective when taken sublingually than swallowed. CBD can also be taken in other forms than oil. For example; edibles (like gummy bears) and topical skin products! Let’s take a look at the two main ways to use CBD:

CBD tinctures & vape products

The two most common ways to consume CBD are tinctures (filled with oil) and vape products (such as pens and cartridges). These two methods differ in a lot of ways. Which one suits you best comes down to personal preference. However; for me, it is CBD tinctures. Mainly because it’s 100% safe and healthy (vaping may carry some potential risks of irritations). CBD tinctures are also cheaper in the long run and easier to use!

Does CBD get you high & test you positive?

No; CBD doesn’t make you high! Why? Because THC is the compound in cannabis that gets you high. There’s no (or just very little) THC in CBD oil. Also: There are different forms of CBD oil, such as isolate (pure CBD), full-spectrum (contains all hemp-compounds), and broad-spectrum (contains all hemp-compounds except THC). Full-spectrum has the most potent potential benefits as the hemp-compounds work in synergy. However; because it contains a very small amount of THC, it can make potentially test you positively. That’s why there are isolate and broad-spectrum CBD oil; since they contain 0% THC, they also won’t make you test positive on a test! These are things to take into consideration when picking a CBD product!

CBD brands & reviews

You might have noticed that there are a lot of CBD brands on the market. There are plenty of good ones out there, but unfortunately also a lot of bad ones trying to cash in. That’s why I always recommend looking for reliable CBD reviews before buying your products! This way you can avoid paying too much or ending up with a product that doesn’t work well. Besides reviews, also pay attention to the actual CBD ratios in the CBD product. If the product doesn’t contain a lot of milligrams CBD, it’s probably better to look for another one. Another really important aspect of tinctures is the CBD carrier oil that’s used.

CBD oil dosage

A lot of people don’t know how to dose CBD oil. There are a couple of things to take in consideration;

– First; every person is different. What might work for one person, might not work for you? Also; each condition is different as well (as people use CBD for a wide range of conditions. One may be more severe than the other one).

– So; to find your personal CBD dosage, I always recommend doing the following: Start very low, so only take a few drops. Wait one hour, and check how you feel. Don’t feel anything? Then take a few drops more than you did the first time. Keep repeating this process until you’ve found your desired dosage! It’s important to always start low and build up in small steps because you don’t want to take too much. Although too much CBD isn’t dangerous, it still can become expensive when taking too much every time.

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