The cardboard boxes are more amazing than many think. They have been there for years and come in a variety of forms. They have played an important role in keeping our lives safe from the harmful effects of plastics. They can be reused multiple times, and their sturdy nature helps in keeping the products secure for a longer period. Check out the following facts on how cardboard packages have revolutionized the world of packaging.

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Protection throughout the years:

The cardboard shipping boxes have been protecting your products for hundreds of years. The very first use of a cardboard package was recorded back in 1817 when it was used for a German board game. Then to ship glassware and some other fragile products, the cardboard material was refined into corrugated cardboard, which was a paper sandwich of two durable flat sheets with a corrugated sheet in the middle in the year 1870. These days, if you see in the market, more than 80% of packaging is made from cardboard material. The rigidity and protection capability of cardboard packaging not only holds the products firmly but acts as a cushion as well. This is the reason behind its so much popularity among the manufacturers of high-quality and high-tech goods. 

Assured absolute security:

Absolute protection is the first thing for which cardboard packages are known for. They are more popular among food businesses. About 60% of packages of the total are used in the food industry for the effective storage and shipping of the food items like juices, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, candies, fruits, and so on. The food industry was the first to adopt these user-friendly packages due to the rising effects of non-biodegradable plastic on the health of the consumers. When the products are packed inside them, they not only make them look more attractive but also extend the shelf-life of the items. They protect products against all kinds of weather conditions for longer periods. Unlike plastics, they do not contain toxic elements that get attached to the products to destroy the health of the consumers. They are resistant to any type of chemical or contaminant and offer complete water-resistance as well when perfectly laminated.

Provide a green solution:

The cardboard shipping boxes are completely environmentally friendly and do not pollute the ecosystem at all. If you want 100% recyclable and reusable packaging, cardboard packages are the way to go. Due to this sustainable nature, they have reduced carbon footprints in the atmosphere and do not produce any toxic waste. Furthermore, they easily decompose at a rapid speed when placed on the landfills. Due to the ability to recycle and reusing, they have become the first choice of the manufacturers as well as consumers since they are multi-purpose as well. Switching to a greener solution has also enabled the companies to showcase their positive side by highlighting the ecological nature of their respective brands in front of the environment-conscious people. Not only that, but they are also perfect for branding or marketing and enhancing the reach of the organizations due to their green nature.

Build anticipation and excitement:

Everyone would agree on the fact that unwrapping and tearing into a box is just an amazing experience, and everyone wants to experience this once in a while. You would have seen that gift boxes foster a sense of anticipation and excitement because they take longer to open, and recipients are curious to know what is inside. This basic concept of bringing anticipation and excitement through unboxing experience has revolutionized the advertising and marketing businesses. With the advent of cardboard packages, it has become relatively easier to bring excitement to the customers since they provide a more appealing look to the products. They have perfectly smother surfaces that are shiny as well to enhance the aura and beauty of the items inside. Furthermore, information about the product, brand logo, and appealing graphics can also be printed with relative ease. For most of the clients, a well-designed cardboard box not only protects the items but separates the thoughtful brands from other competitors as well.

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Revolutionized the way goods are shipped:

With the advent of cardboard packaging, the way goods are shipped has been revolutionized. They are specifically designed with less manufacturing material, which makes them incredibly light in weight. Due to this lightweight, they have drastically reduced the shipping prices for the companies and have enabled the consumers to have greater access to the products without leaving the comfort zone. Consumers no longer have to pay higher shipping fees as well due to cardboard shipping boxes wholesale supplies from the manufacturers. Before the advent of the 20th century, heavy wooden crates were used to ship goods, which effectively reduced the overall quantity of products shipped. The cardboard packaging has been a boon to the companies because of their lightweight and ease of assembling and disassembling. 

What is the future?

The packages that help the environment and offer ease to the customers are here to live and thrive further. The dark days of plastic are here and not over yet. But slowly or rapidly, the change is coming. On the horizon, one can see more responsibility and care. Whether you are an e-commerce firm or running a very large or small physical store, customers are always going to judge your credibility through your packaging. So, do not forget to use biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly cardboard boxes, either you are a manufacturer or a consumer.

The custom cardboard boxes can do even more than you knew. They have revalorized the world of packaging through its unique and versatile nature. With their advent in the 19th century now they have become irreplaceable packaging solutions in the industry. They not only offer complete protection against damaging elements but enhance the aura and attractiveness of the products as well.

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