When to give Dry Fruits to Babies:

The Ideal Time of giving dry fruits to babies is between 7 & 9 months of age. By this time, you will have already introduces finger foods and other soft foods to him. Since dry fruits are heavy on digestive system, it is best that you give your baby dried fruits in his diet.  Some Babies are allergic to some dry fruits so the best way is to try the 3 day rule and look for signs of allergy if there are any.

Health Benefit of Dried Fruits:

1) Prevent Anemia: Dried fruits are rich source of iron, hence they promote hemoglobin levels in blood.

2) Provide Energy: they are good source of fiber, protein, zinc, iron and other minerals. Including them in urb abys diet will keep them energetic and healthy.

3) Prevent Constipation: Dry fruits contain good amount of fiber which helps in bowel movement in babies and help prevent constipation.

4) Promote Digestive Health: Dry fruits contain lot of Probiotics or bacteria which can keep your baby’s digestive system healthy.

5) Aid Brain Development: The omega 3 fatty acid presents in dry fruits and nuts like walnuts can help in the brain development.

Dry Fruits for kids

10 Dry Fruits & nuts for your Childs Health.

1) Almonds: They are rich in phosphorus, which helps strengthen bones & teeth. Almonds are healthy for brain support system also.

2) Walnuts: Walnuts are good of omega 3 fatty acids, it plays a great role in development of brain. They are high in minerals, zinc, phosphorus etc.

3)Pistachios : They are good source of vitamins A,C E ,Thiamine ,Niacin , Pantothenic acid etc.

Each of these vitamins are essential and play an important role in development of child.

4) Cashew Nuts: The buttery Nut contains high level of antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the eyes. This also contains high level of magnesium which helps in bone growth.

5) Pecans: This fiber packed nut aids in digestion and facilitates bowel movement. For children who have constipation problem, Pecans can relieve the condition.

6)Dried Apricots : they are high in fiber , potassium ,copper and iron .they are essential for child development, this dried fruits is essential for eye health as it contains a lot of vitamin A.

7) Dried Prunes: They contain high level of antioxidants called phenols, which protect the child cells membrane from damage caused by free radicals.

8) Dates: Dates are packed with energy and are good source of minerals like calcium, sodium, phosphorus, it contains highest amount of iron. This helps in preventing anemia in children.

9) Raisins: Raisins have antibacterial properties that can reduce oral bacteria that contribute to Dental Cavities.

10) Figs: They are good source of calcium & phosphorus, which fosters formation of bones .They are also rich in fiber and helps in digestion.

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