The outbreak of COVID-19 has raised many concerns over the transmission of this deadly virus. People are scared, considering its spread through different mediums.

Currently, there is not enough evidence to conclude whether Coronavirus can be transmitted through coins or currency notes. However, medical experts urge people to adopt digital payment methods and avoid social contact.

“During this crucial time, we must switch to electronic payments so that chances of catching the virus can be lessened, as withdrawing cash from ATM machines or banks could make you come in contact with an infected person.” said a health expert at AMRI Hospitals, teleconsultation in Bhubaneswar.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an alarming situation with increasing number of cases every day. Considering the fact that cash has been the most preferred mode of transaction among Indians, fear of the virus spreading through currency notes is on the rise. Health experts at AMRI have laid certain guidelines to prevent people, who are dealing in cash, from getting infected.

They suggest taking certain precautions while handling coins, especially as the virus can be active for longer on metal surfaces than on currency notes. Use of gloves and alcohol-based sanitizers is imperative for people who frequently have to handle cash, for instance, shopkeepers. But even in that case, it is advised that they must not touch their face, and dispose of gloves responsibly.

As per latest reports, COVID-19 will stay for a long time and we have to learn to live with it. Witnessing a surge in number of cases across the nation, it becomes important to follow the measures in order to avoid catching the virus.

In case you suspect that a surface may be infected, immediately sanitize it with a disinfectant. However, some of the latest studies have concluded that the virus can be transmitted through droplets that could easily spread from dry surfaces as well.

Additionally, cash management firms have assured that cash carrying vehicles are sanitized on a regular basis, people handling the process are provided with masks, and ATMs are sanitized, as well.

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