You need to be fit to perform various activities of life in an appropriate way and to remain physically active. Fitness means physical well being and you can get physically active by taking proper rest, taking proper nutrients (adequate amount of carbohydrates, fats, and protein which are building blocks of the body in your diet) and by physical exercise.

To remain active and fit the most important thing which you can add up in your daily routine is “ exercise for both men and women. Exercise has short term and long term effects on your body. Short term effects include control of appetite, mood-boosting effect, and improvement in sleep. Long term effects include prevention from certain diseases like cancer, depression, anxiety, diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, and osteoporosis both in men and women.

For people of all ages, daily exercise of 150 minutes per week is required. It may include aerobic exercise which includes brisk walking or 150 minutes of harsh exercise like swimming, running, or work out in the gym or combination of all three every week. You can build up your muscles of shoulders, abdomen, chest, back, legs and arms by strength training and it directly helps you in building up these muscles stronger at least 2 days in a week. Strength training includes weight lifting, front rolls, push-ups and sit-ups.

You can also involve your children in doing exercise by making it more interesting for them by involving them in aerobics and gymnastics or you can engage them in strength training at least three days a week.

 Fitness of the body also includes “bone health”.  Every one in four men at age of 50 may undergo a process of osteoporosis which includes break down, the pricking of bones or fracture of bones, so, you can manage your bone health by taking supplements of vit-D and calcium and prevent yourself from osteoporosis.

Remaining physically fit also influences your ability of brain functioning as well it sharpens your memory, ability to do daily work in an energetic way. Also, rather than taking powerful medicines to sleep, exercising daily can help you in having better sleep at night.

 People who remain fit feel more positive and more relaxed in their lives. If all these benefits are enough to convince you for starting a workout routine, buy yourself a Born Tough workout top and Born Tough workout shorts and start your exercise routine from simple exercises.

The food we can take to remain fit.

Food plays an important role in keeping us fit and strong, our body needs proper nutrients to perform everyday workYou may have heard about the phrase“you are what you eat”.Eating healthy will not only keeps you active and fit but also improves your shape.

Here are five main nutrients involved in keeping ourselves fit; they are mentioned below.


These are the main building blocks of our body, the brain source of fuel is carbohydrates. It is the main energy source of our body. After metabolism, the body breaks carbs in glucose which cells of our body need to create energy.


 The best source of carbohydrates includes whole grains foods, wheat bread, oatmeal, barley brown rice, cornmeal, and bulgur.


The second main building block of the body are proteins, their main functions are to build and repair tissues of our body. Protein formation is of amino acids, that are the building block of tissues, which includes tissues of muscle, skin, hairs, and bones. Proteins also help in the production of enzymes which promotes catalyst reaction in our body


You can get proteins from lean meat, seafood, seeds, nuts, eggs , peas, milk, fruits, green leafy vegetables , poultry, soy products.


The third most important building block of our body is fats. Our bodies need fats when carbohydrates are not available. Fats come in solid and liquid form.


Best sources of fats are in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that come in olives, canola oil, nuts, seeds, sunflower, avocadoes, and fish rich in omega-three fatty acids.


Vitamins and minerals are important in growth and development. To gain optimal health each one of them plays a vital role. For example, vitD and calcium supplements help in making our bones stronger and prevent our bones from osteoporosis. Vit B helps in making the immune system stronger and supports in maintaining our nervous system.


Vegetables ,fruits , protein sources and dairy products.


You may have heard that you can live without food for several days but you can’t live without water. So water is essential for performing your daily life activities and it also helps in the distribution of vital nutrients essential for body functioning in our cells. For men, 12 cups of water are required daily and for women 8.8 cups or you can say 125 ounces of water a day for a man is recommended and for women 91 ounces daily.


The amount of nutrient your body needs daily depends upon the following factors


Nutritional needs vary in different age groups and gender. Men in the age group of 19 to 50 require more vitamins like vitamin C, K, B1, B12, B2, B3 and zinc. Females require more iron as compared to men.


The amount and intake of calories people eat and drink has an impact on their body weight. There are several foods which cause weight gain that may include fried potatoes , sugar-sweetened beverages, unprocessed food ,and red meat. Food which helps us promote weight loss includes yogurt, nuts, fruits, whole grain, and vegetables.


Nutritions is basic in attaining height, especially in children. The most important nutrient for proper height is a protein in childhood.minerals which include vitamin D3, vitamin A, Vit B, calcium, and magnesium.

So the strategy of taking nutrients to remain fit involves putting different portions of meals on your plate which includes, a half portion for fruits and vegetables. Then around each meal add half a cup of milk in your dietary plan. By following up the above-mentioned lifestyle you can remain physically fit and active.

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