Nutrition plays an important role in how we look and feel. Exercise has an impact on our health but nutrition plays an important role in our fitness. The more healthy nutrients you will get, the more workout you will get capable of doing and vise versa. Food plays the role of medicine

How food is our medicine?

Your eating habits have a very deep effect on your health and mind. If you are eating the right food in the right amount than you have far less chance to get any disease as many of the nutrients tend to save your body from many diseases and they are essential in daily life routine.

Antioxidants play a great role in reducing illness in our body and reduce inflammation. Inflammation gives birth to serious diseases, so we can get powerful antioxidants from green vegetables, which helps in detoxification of harmful bacteria from our body.

Some superfoods help in enhancing the process of metabolism, burning surplus fats from our body. For example, red capsicum contains a compound named “capsaicin” which causes promotion in the burning of fats.

Superfood includes

  • carbohydrates
  • protein
  • fats
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • Antioxidants    

Is it important to eat healthily and then work out?

Carbohydrates like starches and sugar provide us energy our body needs during a workout. Carbohydrates are basic nutrients we need first to start the workout.

Before starting your workout you need to start up with small meals containing carbohydrates like you can take whole grain bread with Jan, sandwiches made up of avocados, turkey, or some fruits.

Does skipping a meal before a workout affect your workout?

Skipping your meal, dieting before a workout makes your body difficult to use oxygen which may lead to dehydration and hinder athletic performance in many aspects and make your body suffer. There are many Pre-workout drinks available in the market all includes BCAA, Caffeine, and some protein. Protein is one of the most important things which helps your recovery and in building muscle.

Protein Consumption After AWorkout

A healthy diet becomes an important part of your routine when you do regular workout so you need more protein in the diet but protein consumption depends upon the type and intensity of the workout like weight lifters require more dietary proteins as compared to distant runners.

While consuming 0.8 kilograms of this nutrient body weight can fulfill your daily requirement if you are inactive your body needs 2.0 grams of high-quality proteins every day for every kilogram of your bodyweight if you engage yourself in high-intensity resistance exercise, weight lifters require more protein and it depends upon their size of body and intensity of your workout, moreover, if you lift very heavyweight with intent to pack on lean muscle pack, high range of protein intake serve you well but you have to choose right kind of protein matter.


Powerlifting is about lifting heavyweight in the bench press, squats, and deadlift. To optimize your work performance you need to plan your nutrition following your fitness and training schedule. Powerlifting has no big impact on your cardiovascular system but you need to have base-level fitness.


Calories determine weight gain or loss in powerlifting so they play an important role.  Calories play the role of fuel for your workout. If you don’t intake enough calories, you won’t have enough energy to continue your exercise. So, good nutrients containing enough calories are required for your intense workouts.


Picking up high dense nutrient carbs sources such as whole grain bread, pasta, brown rice, vegetable, and fruits. You should outfit yourself in a Born Tough shirt and Born tough pants and take around 50 percent of your daily calories and carbohydrates intake in the period two hours before your workout and two hours after your workout. Source of protein that you can take is fish, meat, poultry, and low-fat dairy products and beans.        


When you don’t eat enough your body goes to starvation because you are not eating enough to sustain muscle growth. And as a result of which body increases fats stores rather than decreasing it. If you are intent on gaining muscle you should try to take more calories.


In this critical time of the pandemic, it becomes a necessity for every single person to take a diet that is bacteria-free and which should be properly cleaned. It may also have several effects

  • Your body will get adaptive of it, bloating and discomforts will be lesser
  • Your mood will get stable
  • A feeling of more empowerment
  • Fewer ups and downs in life.

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