Like any health condition, smoking, are often treated medically and without medication. Medical treatments for smoking include zyban, chantix, nicotine patches, lozenges, gums, etc. albeit some smokers claim to possess successfully quit smoking after using these medications, most complain of side effects after using them. They therefore prefer the choice treatments, most of which won’t cost a dime as they’re readily available in your kitchen or food stores.

  • Oat Straw (Avena sativa)

Wild oat plant is that the major source of cereal oat. It’s another herb shown by research to scale back nicotine cravings. A bit like St. John’s Worth, it also can calm an aroused systema nervosum during the quit smoking process. Though it comes in various forms, the simplest form to use is that the liquid tincture. Wild oat grass may be a friendly herb, and repulsive reactions are rare. Usually found in food stores, you’re advised to read and follow directions on the pack before usage.

  • Grape Seed Extract

This is meant to repair any damage on the lungs as a results of smoking. Grape seed extract has been found to contain healing and repair properties and since smoking damages the lungs, using Grape Seed Extract will help the lungs.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper can assist you counter tobacco cravings. It works by desensitizing the respiratory linings to tobacco and other chemical irritants. It also stabilizes the lung membranes and guards against damages. Its’ peppery taste is superb in reducing cigarette cravings.

  • Ginger

This is excellent for reducing the anxiety and nausea caused by nicotine withdrawal. Ginger is exceptionally good for perspiration which helps the body to shed off harmful toxins. Ginger are often taken raw within the diet or in tea form.

  • Orange Juice mixed with Cream of Tartar

This mixture can help reduce your looking for cigarettes, because it flushes nicotine from your system. Whenever you are feeling like smoking, just mix one half spoon of tartar during a glass of fruit juice and drink. As you are doing this often, your craving will subside to some extent where you’ll not desire smoking. For best results, drink this nightly before getting to bed.

  • Electronic Cigarettes

Probably one of the better ways to wean from cigarette smoking is by using e-cigarettes or vape. You just need two things: a device with atomiser and eliquid. Studies show that there are no serious adverse effects of using vapes compared to cigarettes. You can get the nicotine levels your body is used to without harming your lungs. And when you decide to totally quit, you’ll have an easier time unlike in tobacco. Another plus side is that there are many eliquid flavours you can choose from, from classic tobacco flavour to more trendy flavours like cola and bubble gum.

  • Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is very essential to urge your body back in shape from the damage caused by cigarette smoking. Eat balanced meals and don’t worry about weight gain as you tend to shed it off once you successfully quit.

  • Exercise

Exercise is additionally an excellent thanks to avoid giving in to your cravings. And this is often supported by a replacement review of studies that reveals that exercise really helps smokers trying to urge off cigarettes by reducing their desire for nicotine. This was first reported by Reuters and goes to prove the very fact that exercise truly helps smoking cessation.

Aside physical exercises, like running, jogging, swimming, deep breathing exercises also can help. They will both be effectively substituted for your smoking habit.

  • Water

Water may be a natural detoxifier. Aside cleansing your body of nicotine toxins, it helps reduce nicotine cravings after smoking cessation. So, consume many water while trying to quit. Carry a bottle of water around and sip from it anytime you’re tempted to smoke.

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