“What mental health needs are more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” Glenn Close

Our lives are so hectic and busy that a lot of us take our health for granted, especially our mental health. The pressure that we feel in our work and personal lives can lead to stress which affects us a lot. If you let your stress go unchecked, it can turn into anxiety and depression.

Also, when you are lonely, or you have experienced a traumatic experience, your mental health suffers a lot. That is why it is so vital that you take steps daily to improve your mental health. It is because it not only causes depression and other serious ailments, but it also affects your physical health. It can lead to chronic fatigue or muscle pain. Unfortunately, even though we are in the 21st century, talking about mental health is a taboo. A lot of people speak about it and encourage others to do so, but not enough people are doing it.

Therefore, it is in your hand to take steps towards the betterment of your health. Here are some tips which will help you do it.

1.      Start your day early with positive intention

What is your intention at the start of each day that can go a long way? You must start each day early at the same time with positive intentions and no-stress. If you wake up stressed or you take stress or say negative things like the day is going to be hectic and boring, it will be so.

But if you feed your mind with positive thoughts and things after waking up, your day will be positive, less stressful, and happy, which helps your state of mind.

2.      Care for your body

When your physical health is suffering, or you don’t sleep enough, or you overeat, it affects your mental health too. Taking care of your body is vital if you want to experience peace of mind and not fill it with stress. Tips:

  • Eat healthy items: Don’t skip any meals and include a variety of food rich in nutrients. Also, stay away from junk food and carbonated drinks as they are not right for your overall health.
  • Sleep well: If you don’t sleep enough, it makes your body tired, sluggish, prone to over-eating, and more. Also, not getting enough hours of shut-eye can make your mind foggy, and you take more stress.
  • Practice good hygiene: for overall health and also to improve the way you perceive yourself.

3.      Create a positive environment

Your environment is important for your mental health. If you surround yourself with people who are negative or you live in a place that stresses you out, it worsens your mental health as well. Tips:

  • Surround yourself with positivity. Have plants, an abundance of light, and make inspirational posters ad hand them in your room to feel positivity.
  • Let go of people who trigger you or put you down. You don’t need to entertain toxic people like that.
  • If your home environment is toxic or negative, try to get out.

4.      Meditation and yoga

Exercising and doing yoga keeps your body fit. Also, it releases endorphins in your body which makes you happy and light. Meditation is perfect for calming your mind and relieving stress. If you take stress a lot, it is better to start meditating, start at five minutes, and then increase your time.

5.      Connections are important

Creating connections in your life is vital for human beings as we cannot survive without human connections. So:

  • Connect with yourself first as that is of extreme importance. Learn to understand your thoughts as they will aid you in solving problems and be better. Write a journal to clear your thoughts.
  • Connect with others, make friends, and reach out to family members.

6.      Learn to say no

A lot of times we say yes, not because we want to do something, but because saying no is hard for us. For instance, you are already neck-deep in work, but when your boss or colleague asks you to do additional work, you don’t say no due to pressure or because it is not in your nature.

But this can stress you out, make you anxious and frustrated, leading to severe problem in your personal and professional life.

It is not selfish to take some time for yourself, making yourself a priority is vital if you want to live a happy, peaceful, and satisfying life. Also, when we are well, we can take care of others better.

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