“Like-gating” is the process of having someone Like your Facebook page to gain access to something.

It is possible to create tabs on your Page, which can only be accessible after someone has liked your Page.

If, for instance, you are planning a webinar, you can encourage participants to sign up to attend it via your Facebook page. Getting users to like your Page in the registration procedure is possible. This is possible using pre-recorded webinars and eBooks. Or even newsletters.

Tips: If you are using Like-gating, ensure to add Call-to-Actions (CTA’s) within the Like-gated tabs. Include an explicit CTA in your cover picture as well. Arrows that point directly to your Like button draw your readers’ towards the step you’d like them to do. Also, explain your motivation to increase the number of users to follow through and eventually become Your Facebook Fans.

Note: Like-gating is in line with Facebook guidelines for promotion on the business page. If you’re running the following contests, such as Followers Pro, a coupon, or a deal, Facebook requires you to use a third-party app. I’ll go over a few of these promotions on social media shortly.

How to Use Follow-Gating to Get More Followers

Following-gating can be described as an alternative to a Twitter variant of Like-gating. You must be a Follower on Twitter to receive an item from you click here.

Follow-gating can be a little different from a logistical standpoint, as most of your tweets are accessible to the public at the beginning. Follow-gating can be accomplished via third-party apps (like Wishponds). We can automate Follow-gate for any social event you organize to ensure that everyone participating in your contest will follow your Twitter account. (We need their permission to follow you to follow them.)

So, you now are aware of how to select your incentive and the fundamentals of gaining more Followers and Fans. The rest of this article is about implementing your rock-star motivation to practical strategies, which will result in more Facebook fans and followers on Twitter.

How to Get More Fans and Followers Using Followers Pro

Followers Pro are among the most effective methods to acquire more Followers and Fans. Why? The process to get started in Social Followers Pro is straightforward. It is as simple as having people Like your Facebook Page or follow the Page on Twitter. (You could even request an email address to sign up.)

Like the traditional Followers Pro In a social Followers Pro you award an award to one or some of your participants. Therefore, if the prize is in line with the audience, is in line with your request, and promotes your company, you may hit the jackpot through Social Followers Pro.

I’ve witnessed several businesses increase their fan base at an incredible rate. The most profitable giveaway campaigns are ones that are often and regularly. Let’s consider the case of Qwertee.

Qwertee creates and sells designer T-shirts. Their primary revenue source is via online transactions. They’ve used Wishpond’s Facebook Contest App (yes, they use our application) to host Followers Pro weekly for their Facebook page. Their ambitious objective was to get 100,000 followers by offering free weekly t-shirts.

They liked-gated their social followers Pro. They created a fantastic CTA image for their giveaway.

How to Get More Fans and Followers Using Group Offers

Another excellent way to attract more followers is to offer discounts on your products. It is even better to have your offer shared via group deals.

Coupons are very well-liked on social media sites. One of the main reasons why people follow a page on Facebook is to find the best price. Group coupons can be used to increase the number of followers on Twitter as well.

Let’s look at the case of SMITE The Game. It’s an online game featuring mythological gods as players. They had a solid fan base on Facebook. However, they were looking to attract more followers to their Twitter.

They began to run giveaways via Twitter. They followed-gated it in just two weeks and gained over 30,000 followers.

What did they do? The deal they devised was clever. They offered a skin for free that players could utilize to play the game online.

Because it was a collective offer, it may inspire participants to make the offer available to their Twitter followers to ensure it was legitimate. In the case of SMITE, the promotion went viral. They now have more than 10,000 followers on Twitter.

The secret to their achievement was establishing the right incentive to achieve the engagement they were hoping to attain. Their offer was precisely what their customers desired (a player’s skin their game). It was also simple enough and motivating enough and also promotes their game by enticing followers to play with their new tool (and afterwards, to play more of their SMITE battlefield).

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