Anyone looking for drug rehabs in Houston might have feelings of confusion and become overwhelmed about the process. There is a lot to consider and a lot of importance to be placed on the success of the program chosen. One of the things to think about is whether to choose an inpatient program or an outpatient one. Here is a look at the treatment of addiction and the three main differences between inpatient rehab programs and outpatient.

Addiction is a disease

When you are dealing with an addiction it can have an impact on every relationship and every area of your life. Sometimes you might feel like that there is no-one who can help you, and that you do not deserve help. Addiction is a disease affecting pathways in the brain. It leads to that intense craving for what you have an addiction to, leading to compulsive behavior that helps you get that substance. Whether you opt for inpatient or outpatient help, both can help you. Without professional help, it is extremely hard to stop taking what you are addicted to.

Inpatient and outpatient programs

Inpatient drug rehab is where you are able to take a break from your life and work and you move into their facilities and for the length of the program, usually at least 3 weeks, you stay there and focus on your sobriety. Also called residential treatment programs these are especially a good option if the withdrawal from the substance may have a serious impact on your health and you need medical staff to monitor you. Outpatient drug rehab on the other hand is where you stay within your life, doing what you normally do but you come and visit the facility regularly for treatments. You do not have to stay there overnight when your session is done you go back home.

Three key differences between the two program options

Different drug rehabs in Houston will have different focuses so no treatment is exactly the same. But when it comes to three main differences between being an inpatient and being an outpatient, they are;

  1. Where you live and sleep is the biggest change. Inpatient programs are a chance to get away from everything, focus on you, live in the facility and not be distracted or tempted. For some that can be a huge difference in your success. Outpatients sleep at home and perhaps are more for minor addictions where your home and work life are not yet being severely impacted.
  2. The skills you learn are the same but probably taught using different methods. Both are about learning to be sober in the real world and might include addiction education, detoxification and therapy.
  3. The network of support you have around you will be different. With inpatient drug rehab programs you have healthcare staff, as well as other addicts in the program with you. In an outpatient program while you go in to see experts for treatment, the support around you is your family and friends.

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