Scientists are still not sure what caused the mental illness however, few things are chiefly considered to be the most convincible reason behind this societal calamity.

Anxiety disorder is one of the most evident and manifest reasons behind this scientific dilemma. Anxiety persistently increases with the intermittent and repetitive attacks of fear of something. Sometimes a pessimistic approach of mind can lead us towards a mere state of mental illness.


It is one of the most complicated and perplexing factors in mental disorders in this state a person suffering from the schizophrenia hears strange and imaginative voices which causes strange effects on our mind.

The person suffering this malignant disease is, unfortunately, disable to distinguish realities and fakey. This malignant disease can cause several different negativities striking the brain of the patient and resultantly causing him to fall in the pessimistic imaginary world in which he could hear strange voices and unable to verify the truth and could hardly distinguish the facts and figures of life.


• Medical science has been completely perplexed by the amazing happenings occur during this disease. Bipolar disorder is created by heightened emotions and extreme reactions occurring, as a result, the intensified emotional breakdown.

After detailed research over the real causes of bipolar disorder scientists chiefly believed that extreme emotions like grudge, anger and hatred are the main reasons for the development of the bipolar disorder. Now the important thing to know is that we should keep ourselves away from these types of havocking emotions to buy viagra black Cenforce 200mg which are the chief reasons for the development of the bipolar disorder.

In a detailed survey over the sceptical research on mental illness and its causes, mostly scientists came to a detailed conclusion that the heightened emotions such as exaggerated anger, in which an affected person can easily go beyond the boundaries of sensibilities.

Such type of diseases are extremely negative and malignant and they can destroy any well-behaved personality especially one which is already suffering from the havocking bipolar disease.


Depression is widely spreading like a virulent viral. It is one of the most commonly found diseases in the world. The ratio of depressant patients is furiously increasing and there are several pills available to release the virulent effect of the depression the ratio of patients is widely increasing not only in the European countries but also at the globular level.

A recondite result of a wide survey taken in Asian countries shows an interesting ration of mental health patients in Pakistan. The survey showed a staggering 55% of mental health patient in Pakistan while the stats of the other countries are not low as well. Scientists are still finding the right and the most apropos cause of depression.

However, they are still wondering about the amazing situations happens during this peculiar mental state. People suffering from depression are ignorant of everyone else in front of them both living and non-living things. Depression arises from deep tension and it causes a persistent bad mood which intolerable for the people living in the vicinity.

However, depression in some cases is less destructive then cancer and other dire diseases but, in the long term depression can be proven more malignant than most of the chronicle diseases.


• Exaggerated self likeness
• impulsive thinking
• Lunatic actions
• Peculiar emotions
• Persistent termagancy
• Irrelevant gossipry


In the short term, mental illness can be tolerated to an extent but, in the long term, it is generally immensely difficult to handle a patient who is continuous suffering from the mental disorder. A detailed survey report showed that nearly 90% of the suicides and homicides have mental disorders as chief factors.

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