Diabetes is a lifelong struggle of what to eat and what to avoid. At times it may feel like a losing battle of wit and control however, healthy regulation of your diet is not that hard at al. all we need here is a little education of what works best for our condition and how we can control it. In fact, there are many staple foods which when used in the right proportion can improve your body’s insulin response and help your condition in the long run.

Many diabetologists are of the view that long term use of balanced diets and superfoods can actually help control your Diabetes Type II condition. Keeping a tab on your diet does not mean you should deprive your body of all the foods. According to mutual consensus of top consultants, a diet low to moderate in carbohydrates, low in fat can be ideal for diabetic patients. A little moderation of what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat can not only control your diabetes but also help achieve your physical fitness goals.

Some of the natural Superfoods are best for your diabetic health and can be found easily in your local market place.

10 Superfoods for your Diabetes

1. Pumpkin Seeds

The nutritional count for pumpkin seeds is endless, not to mention that munching on a little portion of these can help you suppress your appetite. Pumpkin seeds are full of iron and healthy unsaturated fat. Whenever you are craving sugary foods, what you can do is take half a spoon of pumpkin seeds and snack on them.

Remember, a spoonful of Pumpkin Seeds is good enough for you. Anything more can become problematic.

2. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are small jackpots for people who are diabetic. They contain a huge amount of insoluble fiber and help overcome heart complications and abnormal blood sugar levels.

The best way to take flax seeds is mix it with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and fenugreek seeds and take one spoonful of these first thing in the morning with a plain glass of water.

3. Mixed Nuts

People often have this common misconception that nuts are bad for diabetic people. That’s not true. Remember the best way to maintain your health is by eating in moderation and balanced ways. Nuts are rich in omega-3-fatty acids. The essential oils in the nuts help reduce the diabetic inflammation, normal blood sugar levels and help you manage your bad cholesterol levels.

To manage your portions in the right way, a spoonful of mixed nuts will be sufficient enough for you.

4. Beetroot

Beetroots are slightly sweet yet are very light on carbohydrates and a mega superfood for your blood nourishment. The sugar of beetroot does not convert to glucose readily and therefore helps in maintaining a healthy insulin regulation. Beetroots are also high in lipoic acid which helps the aging of the cells.

Best way to consume beetroot is making a fresh feta cheese salad with red onions and lettuce. Slightly stir in some olive oil, vinegar and oregano dressing and voila! You have a delicious lunch that is low on your diabetes and fulfilling to your taste buds.

5. Tomatoes

The sweet and savory tomatoes are super rich in lycopene, vitamin C and Vitamin A. Since unhealthy regulation of insulin in your body affects your other body parts, having a good healthy incoming of your vitamins and nutrients is essential for your overall health.

As tomatoes are staples for so many curries, you might as well check out some good tomatoes Asian chutneys in place of canned salsa.

6. Whole grains

Whole grains are your new best friend on your journey to beat diabetes. Whole grains are full of fiber which helps with easy digestion and preventing weight gain. They are also filled with healthy nutrients like Vitamin B, Iron and loads of healthy minerals.

Start switching to whole grains slowly. Start with quick oats and gradually move down to including whole grains in your diet.

7.   Avocado

Avocado is one of the healthiest sources of fat with a good blend of vitamin C, E and K. Having avocados in your diet is important mainly because you are earning your good cholesterol as well as providing your body to feel full after it. It is also a rich source of Vitamin E which has recently emerged in studies as a source of oxidative stress release on glucose management.

If you don’t like mushy avocados, mix it with a salsa. You can also use it in place of mayonnaise on your whole grain bread.

8. Ginger

Lately ginger seems like the only solution to so many health problems these days. That makes good sense given how powerful ginger is. It’s a rich anti- inflammatory food which reduces the long term health risks such as diabetes. It is also very high in antioxidants. In fact a research indicated that people who took ginger every day for 8 weeks showed improved insulin levels

The best way to have it is by adding a chunk of it in your regular green tea.

Other Ways you can help your diabetes

  • Always be in control of your weight. Being overweight can create more problems for you.
  • Bid white processed sugars and bread a complete farewell for forever.
  • Do light physical exercises regularly.
  • Always be in charge of your complete meal plans
  • Give yourself some sun from time to time

Always stay mindful that diabetes can be controlled when you choose healthier options for yourself!

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