Each year, about 45 million Americans start a diet. But, many continue to struggle with weight.

While you should strive to eat healthily and stay active, you generally should not completely restrict yourself. Diets that restrain you too much often fail.

Every once in a while, you deserve a treat. Read on to learn why splurging sometimes promotes successful dieting.


Metabolism refers to the chemical reactions in the body that expend calories. When you eat, the food provides calories for energy, and when you expend energy, your body uses up those calories.

While dieting, you generally take in fewer calories. Since your body takes in less, your metabolism tends to slow down so that you expend less energy.

An occasional splurge throws a wrench in this system. Your body will suddenly take in more than it’s used to, causing it to work a little harder. When you begin a pattern of this, your metabolism tends to remain heightened, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Balance and Health

When you restrict your diet, you also limit your nutrient intake. Yes, even fatty foods contain the vitamins and minerals you need to live.

Depending on what type of diet you go on, you may end up with a deficit of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, or other vital nutrients. Indulging in a splurge meal now and then brings a better nutritional balance.

Nutrient deficiencies can lead to health problems that range from annoying to deadly. So, accepting a cheat meal full of foods you typically stay away from can improve your health.

For instance, a low-calorie diet may not provide enough fat, which your body needs even when you want to burn off adipose tissue. Fats help with brain and cell development, cushion your organs, and help create important hormones. Your intermittent splurges can help your body stay healthy.


Hunger can make even the cheeriest person hangry. So a diet that cuts calories may leave you feeling a little grumpier than usual.

Your cheat days may help put you in a better mood simply by giving your body the energy it needs. Also, eating a delicious cheat meal high in carbs and fats can trigger the reward center of your brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters.

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Successful Dieting

Short-term diets do not keep you fit. Sustainable long term eating plans do.

Be realistic about the long term. You can fight off cravings for a while. But eventually, they will get the best of you and when you finally get a taste it will be difficult to turn back.

Design a diet that allows a little flexibility. Your body craves things for a reason and it will never forget what it needs when you restrict it.

Eat Well

Staying fit helps you look good and feel great. But, successful dieting does not come from tyranny. It comes with a healthy and balanced plan that allows you to indulge your cravings from time to time.

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