Pregnancy choices differ, and respecting the decision of the individual is crucial. Being pregnant is itself a proud feeling, but in some cases, people are not ready to take responsibility for a new life. So, if they want to go with online birth control pill USA, there is nothing wrong. One must accept this choice with open arms.

Healthcare for women is becoming a severe issue of concern, as several women lost their lives due to unsafe abortion practices. All need to get introduced to the modern and safe form of terminating the pregnancy. Yes, ‘medical abortion’ offers one of the most reliable types of aborting.

Medical abortion refers to the technique of terminating a pregnancy with the help of pills. The medication works in emptying the uterus, which further leads to complete the abortion. There are several aspects of medical abortion that one must know. Here is some of the most vital information about abortion pills for women healthcare that you must learn.

What Is Online Birth Control Pill?

Before you get to learn about the two essential medications under online birth control kits, know medical abortion in brief. Also known as non-surgical abortion, medical abortion is now a vast way of ending a pregnancy.

One can use this method to end the early pregnancy, and it can be done at home, family planning clinics, or any place that makes the individual comfortable. The purpose of medical abortion can be practiced from the time woman learns about their pregnancy. It is most useful for up to nine weeks of pregnancy.

The health concerns are less here because the pills care used to terminate an early pregnancy. Mostly, the complications arise in late pregnancies; therefore, it is better to conclude as early as possible. Medical abortion is around 95% to 98% efficiency in ending the pregnancy without surgery.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol

The first online birth control pill that comes with the MTP kits is Mifepristone. It is a drug that blocks progesterone, a hormone that helps the pregnancy grow in females. The medicine causes the pregnancy to separate from the uterus and be barred. Furthermore, this is taken in conjunction with another pill misoprostol to enhance the effects.

Misoprostol is another pill that is used after Mifepristone causes the cervix to soften and open up. After consuming the second pill, the uterus then contracts and pushes the pregnancy out. The second pill creates contractions in the womb and empties the uterus, which leads to abortion.

Furthermore, Misoprostol tablets are then taken after 24 to 48 hours of the first medication. It is held in the pouch between your cheek and lower teeth for around 30 minutes, and then the left pieces are swallowed.

In 90% of cases, within 24 hours uterus starts to empty, which indicates that the pill has started working. So, if you are trying to buy birth control pill from best chemist online USA then you can available at minimal cost but make sure to upload doctor’s prescription.

Pros and Cons of Online Birth Control Pill

However, medical abortion is safe and effective, but things can go wrong in some scenarios. One must be prepared to tackle the severe side-effects as well. Before practicing any medication, it is essential to know its advantages and disadvantages too.

It ensures that you are on the safe side and know how to face if things go wrong. Here are some of the pros and cons of online birth control pill:


  • One can use abortion pills during their early stages of pregnancy, and as soon as the individual learns that they are pregnant.
  • It works as a better alternative to surgical abortion and prevents damage to the uterus because of surgical tools.
  • Since most medical abortions can occur at home, one can feel comfortable and relaxed while the pills are doing their work.
  • It looks like a natural miscarriage and is far less painful than a surgical abortion if done accurately.


  • There are around 2-5% chances of medication failure, or it will not be effective, and then a surgical procedure will be required.
  • Chances of prolonged and heavy v bleeding and cramping are always there.
  • It causes side-effects like nausea, vomiting, fever, and cramping in the abdomen.

How to Overcome Side-Effects Of Online Birth Control Pill?

Undoubtedly one may have to face some side-effects after consuming the abortion pills, but here are some of the easy ways to tackle them. But if in case of side effects prolongs, consult the physician.

  • Staying hydrated is one of the best methods to avoid the feeling of nausea and vomit.
  • Use heat pads to relieve stomach cramps due to online birth control pill
  • Make sure to have someone along with your while practicing the pills for ensuring safety.
  • You can massage your abdomen to reduce the pain of cramps due to vaginal bleeding.

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