Online medical consultation has boomed in recent years, especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Consulting a doctor online is extremely convenient as you do not have to spend time on to the road going to a clinic or waiting in a queue. Online dr consultation is available on-demand, with little to no wait time.

The Benefits Of An Online Doctor Consultation

With the availability of high-speed internet and smartphones, it has become very easy for doctors to diagnose patients through a screen. Most websites have a very seamless and user-friendly interface, targeted to be easy for even the elderly to use. These websites also have customer support that is available on call or chat, and thus if you have any issues, you can easily get help!

An online doctor consultation is very practical and useful to have yourself diagnosed remotely. You do need to go to a clinic or a hospital and spend hours waiting there.

With the availability of free follow-ups with the doctor, proper process of diagnosis, online medical consultation is as effective but more convenient than doing the same in person, and you can book an appointment for yourself online with health check up plans.

How It Works

Online doctor consultation is purely an online service that allows you to consult a doctor of the speciality of your choice instantly. The process is simple and streamlined so that users from across the country can easily avail these services. 

You can even have an online chat with doctors or choose a video call or voice call through your smartphone or computer. This is usually done through a website like Bajaj Finserv Health or Practo. You can find a doctor by searching for your symptoms and choose the doctor based on speciality. The information you give to these doctors during an online medical consultation is strictly confidential so you do not have to worry about privacy.

After you have been diagnosed and given a prescription, your consultation will end. But many of these services allow free follow-ups with these doctors. However, this is not a replacement for primary care and there are conditions where you must definitely visit a doctor in order to get physically inspected or tests done. In cases of cold, cough, flu and body aches, e-consultation is a great alternative

Things to Keep In Mind Before Consultatio

Before you go ahead and book that online dr consultation, here are a few things to keep in mind:

     Ensure you have a stable internet connection so the doctor will be able to see and hear you correctly and then efficiently and effectively make a diagnosis. If you do face technical issues, remember that most of these e-consultation services allow you to postpone the appointment to a later time.

     Keep your medical history and profile close at hand. Doctors might need to know of allergies, past illnesses, vaccine, family history and so on, and keeping your file close at hand before you book doctor appointment will make this process easier for you

     Ensure that the service you choose is safe and secure. Options to check past consultation history, online chat with doctors, doctor experience, and license should be available. They should also have a consent process, terms of use, price of consultation, privacy policy, feedback option and so on. Choose the correct speciality doctor for your ailment. If you are unsure about the speciality you require, the service usually has a very helpful interface where you can search for symptoms and choose the correct speciality.

     Before you go ahead and book doctor appointments, make sure that you check the experience and reviews of that doctor. If your ailment is somewhat severe, a speciality doctor with years of experience would be ideal. Reviews can help you choose a doctor that suits your condition and who is rated highly.

     Many of these online medical consultation websites also have offers, discounts, coupon codes and so on. Make sure you avail of them.


This is a very useful service, especially for patients who do not have severe illnesses and do not want to expose themselves to the virus during the pandemic. Online doctor consultation is convenient and effective, and we recommend you check out services like Bajaj Finserv Health to get started. Keep our tips in mind, and stay healthy!

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