Online shopping is a successful market in the US – as it is in the rest of the world. In a survey conducted last April, a whopping 40 percent of U.S. Internet users admitted to shopping online several times a month.

Online shopping is very convenient these days. Customers prefer online shopping sites as compared to offline stores because of great deals, different designs, and an easy shopping experience. Most of the online shopping sites in the UK are for clothing and fashion accessories.

Convenience is still the biggest draw, but the availability of massive discounts and coupons is also an important factor. Shoppers also tend to base their buying decisions on advice from family and friends, online reviews, and product recommendations on popular social media platforms.
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The best US online stores for students are the following:


Plunder is an online clothing store that offers stylish clothing lines for men and women. The reason Plunder is so popular is that it offers daily deals with rewards for inviting your friends to the site. It’s almost like getting paid to store, and who does not like that.

Jack Threads

Men are not inferior to women when it comes to online shopping, and Jack Threads is the best proof of that. Jack Threads is one of the greatest online stores for men’s clothing, decorations, and outside things, which is attractive greatly every man’s joy.

Victoria’s Secret

Although Victoria’s Secret is not the kind of online store that everyone is looking for, it is the first choice for many when it comes to lingerie, women’s clothing, and beauty products. The website was launched in 1998 and has been catering to women ever since, helping men buy last-minute gifts for their girlfriends and wives.


Target is a retail company that holds the position of the second-largest US discount retailer. The online division of the company was established in 2000. Annually, 288 million customers visit the website, which is why it is ranked as the 5th best online shopping website in the US.
Toys R US

The online store where all your favorite toys are hiding – Toys R Us! Toys R Us ships to multiple countries and also sells electronics like tablets and computers.

Top online Shopping stores in the UK are the following:

Amazon is the number one ecommerce website for shoppers in the UK. It has approximately 1,985,437 unique visitors every day. Amazon UK’s revenue in 2018 was $14.5 billion. Amazon is known for the best customer service in the UK and around the world. The greatest popular objects on Amazon UK are electronics and books. Although you can buy any product on Amazon because the return policy and original products are so easy. 

eBay is the third largest eCommerce website in the UK. eBay is known for cheap and discounted products. According to a survey conducted by the team at Assignment writing help, sellers are selling at very low-profit margins as the return options on eBay are very low.

Forever21 is the best place to shop online for women’s clothing and accessories. Although they also offer men’s products, they are not very well known among men. Forever21 receives about 63,587 visitors each day.

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