Getting injured is a normal part of life and even the strongest person can have injuries. It doesn’t matter whether you are a trained athlete, a child, or an old person; everyone is prone to injury as it is a part of life.

Myths About Injuries Denounced By Physiotherapy Edmonton

But you have to be careful as many people spread false statements and lie about various ideas and especially about injuries and other health issues associated with it. But according to Physiotherapy Edmonton, you should never believe in the myths mentioned below.

Not Reaching Goal Without Pain

If you are feeling pain then this means that you are going to achieve the goal perfectly. If you are exercising in the gym and feel pain then it is normal. But tolerating pain, in reality, will slow you down.

Ignore Pain Else Where

At times the injury can be in your leg and you can feel the pain in your backbone. This is because all the nerves connected to parts of the body from the brain is through the spine. As suggested by expert physio never ignore the pain happening in other parts of the body.

Don’t Mobilize The Injured Part

Keeping the injured part of the body still is the worst thing you are doing to it. Taking rest in between the physiotherapy sessions can be beneficial but not moving the part at all and jam the muscles and cause more damage.

Cold And Hot Packs Are The Best

Although the hot and cold packs are recommended at clinics including Regenerate Physio it has to be noted that both of them are used at various times and for different injuries.

Injury Affects Only Injured Part

When patients visit any pain clinic Edmonton; they are confused that they had an injury in their arm but feeling pain in their shoulders or lower neck. As discussed above that all of the body parts are connected, so the pain can be experienced elsewhere.

Sportsmen Never Have Spinal Injuries

It is a very common misconception that sportspersons are immune to all kinds of injuries and especially related to the spine. But when they fall on their backs it is a high possibility that they injure their spine.

Delaying The Treatment Is Fine

Experts at physio Edmonton strongly condemn the idea that it is fine to delay the treatment even for minor injuries. So, how can you ignore the major injury and its pain?

Pain Is Only In The Injured Part

 It is not a hard and fast rule that the physiotherapy west Edmonton is only for the part when you have experienced an injury. Sometimes the pain can be felt in the adjacent part of the body.

Injuries Ultimately Result In Paralysis

This misconception is associated with spinal injuries. Although some of the injuries are so severe that they cause paralysis; but this is not the case in most injuries.

Only Surgery Will Help

When you visit physiotherapy clinics Edmonton for your injuries; the first solution that they give to you is physiotherapy. The pain goes away through different treatment options. Although surgery is the last resort if the injury is not healed through therapies.

Strong People Don’t Get Injured

This is the most unrealistic myth that has ever been spread for Physiotherapy Edmonton because athletes are considered the strongest, but they too can get injured during a sports event.

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