Pizza is a dish savoured by young and old all alike. It is a common choice when ever friends and family get together to have quality time. Pizza can be eaten at home or best at a  restaurant. There you can see it being prepared right in front of you and come out pipe hot from the oven. They aroma of the molten cheese mixed with the herbs is irresistible. This aura is not to be missed. So do go to a restaurant and dig in to your favorite pizza. The aroma of the food makes you long for more and get hungry. You will enjoy the company of friends and family when you chat over the table while eating your favourite delicacies.

San Jose is one of the busy Californian cities but it has a lot to offer in the terms of dishes for the foodie in you. Best item can be pizza. You can try out various kinds of pizza available in San Jose just like the birth place of pizza. The authentic taste will make you want to go there again and again. The pizza is so delicious that you will want to enjoy all the items on the menu one by one each time you go. The condiments given along are something you must not miss.

The exciting and diverse culture of San Jose is reflected in food around as well. You can have pizza at a very elegant restaurant or even enjoy at an eatery or take away all as per your budget. You need to decide what to eat and you are sure to find an outlet close to you which serves the item. Thin crust and crisp pizza are loved by many foodies while a few like it in the original fluffy form. The new generation also likes it when there is cheese oozing out of the crust. All these different types of crusts with your favorite toppings are going to make your mouth and heart happy.

There are artisans delicacies served at good pizza restaurant in San Jose which you can enjoy in the heart of the city. Hand stretched, made to order over wood fire are simply lip smacking and irresistible. The ingredients used are generally authentic as they are imported directly from Italy and no compromise on the quality has been done. You can be sure to get the best delicacy served to you. Ingredients like mozzarella cheese, San Marzano tomato sauce, parmigiano, basil, extra virgin olive oil etc all come straight from the farms of Italy especially for you.

As the size of family is getting smaller it does not mean you cannot have a large slice to enjoy, as that would mean ordering a full size pizza but no one else with you to share and finish it. Do not worry now there are many single slice pizza options as well. Yes we mean it! There are restaurant in San Jose which serve single large slice pizza in the flavour and toppings you want. It is crafted for you, so if you are a lone out goer and do not like company, it is a perfect option for you. Or when the choice of each member varies it is best to order your own slice for everyone. Also those who want it vegan can have it customised their way. There are many healthier options too out there.

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