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Self Care Tips You Can Go For When You Have Less Time

Self care does not mean that you need an expensive vacation of beaches or doing something so elaborative that it empties your wallet and time. Self care actually means a brief time with yourself which needs to be churned out of the busy schedule. Although we are explaining here self care tips when you have less time, we believe that you would look up taking care of yourself seriously. 

For the meantime, keep all your responsibilities, work stress, relationships and pile load of other activities aside and indulge in a simple ‘me time’.

Self Care Tips You Can Go For When You Have Less Time

  1. Start With A Self-Made Ritual

Life might be going a little sluggish and nothing seems exciting unless you insert a ritual which is just meant for you. This ritual could be praying to God in the morning, meditating for a few minutes or even drinking coffee on the balcony. However, you have to make sure that you don’t get distracted during the session through mobile phone or other gadget. This precious time is meant to send you peace and become more mindful.

  1. Being Creating When Being Busy

It is important to take advantage of your busy schedule and the answer is your personal creativity. Although you need to combine your professional work with self care activities it doesn’t hamper the work, rather enhances the output. For example, you can spend some time reading books or listening to music while commuting between work and home. Or listen to an inspirational podcast in between the work that instantly changes your mood. You can even go out for a quick walk in the premises of your workplace or somewhere near your house to freshen up the mood. 

  1. Aromatherapy

Believe it or not, aromatherapy can create so many wonders that you have only thought about before. Have you ever tried a perfume on your wrist, smell it for the whole day and dissolve in those few seconds? Well, aromatherapy is also similar. Putting an incense stick, aromatic candle or diffuser around you can be a bliss, especially when you are searching for self care tips you can go for when you have less time.

  1. Schedule Alarms

Sitting in one place for a longer duration can break your neck, back and drains off your mental energy. However, when you can put an alarm to remind you for a break, it can act as a self care tip in busy hours. This reminder can be set in your phone, desktop or tablet you are working on and the break can be used for coffee, walk or stretching somewhere in the open.

  1. Try Out Pressure Points

Acupressure points are very effective in cutting down stress and anxiety, when done with mindfulness. It can be acknowledged that pressure points are part of ancient Chinese therapy and helps in maintaining a balance between body and mind. Whenever you have less time and wish to undergo a self care activity, pressing ‘Hall of Impression’ or point between eyebrows is one of the best places to reduce stress.

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  1. Soak In Sound Bath

As it depicts, a sound bath is a way to calm your soul with soothing music. This music could have bird chirping, rivers flowing, winds blowing or pattering rains which instantly relaxes you down. If you cannot go in nature’s lap due to the short span of time, it’s the sound bath that can play its magic well.

  1. The Technique Of Emotional Freedom

Similar to acupuncture technique, emotional freedom technique is a 5 step process which starts with focus on hotspots of the body. From here, the problems are identified followed by initial concentration, understanding the issue, tapping on meridian points and attending final concentration. You may feel that it was a little time taking but the impact is amazing at the end.


We hope that these self care tips will help you to relax and calm your head when you have less time than usual. Make sure that you really put yourself in a self care activity everyday and spend the ‘me time’ in a full fledged mode. 

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