Vaping, at its core, is that a person inhales the steam generated by vaporizing the liquid using electrical heating. The main component, without which it is impossible to use the device, is a flavored vaping liquid presented in dozens of flavors. As the liquid is a major substance, many prefer preparing it themselves.

The right choice guarantees the maximum pleasure from the electronic cigarette and the safety of inhalation. Vaping is a rapidly developing industry that offers a wide variety of vaping liquids like double drip e liquid that can be bought from trusted manufacturers in specialized stores.

Vaping is not just smoking. For experienced bathers, this is a hobby that they can spend hours doing. It is less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes. More health and fitness tips are available at some top journals, where the expert’s opinions have been mentioned in detail.

Why Prepare Liquid At Home

Regardless, some vapers prefer to make their own liquids, as it allows: 


Partially save on vaping (making liquid with your own hands is cheaper)


Be sure that the composition of the liquid is as safe as possible.


Choose a liquid suitable and achieve an unusual taste. 

 All Vape Recipes Include The Following Ingredients:

The following are the ingredients:

  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Glycerin (VG)
  • Water
  • Nicotine
  • Flavors

In order not to overdo it with the amount of flavoring, calculate that it should be 2 – 4%. It is recommended for beginners to buy small containers of 5 ml so that it is not a pity to throw them away in case of an overdose of one of the components.

Self-Mixing of Vape

Self-mixing of the vape is done using bases. There are two of them:

– Traditional

– Ice blade

Traditional Option

This is the most common and is suitable for beginners. Its composition is propylene glycol 40 – 50%, glycerin 30 – 35%, distilled water 10%, food flavorings 0.2 – 1% and nicotine from 0 to 18 mg.

It is recommended to add a minimum amount of nicotine to avoid addiction and harmful effects. Also, try not to use these substances on a regular basis to enjoy it with maximum pleasure. Nicotine-free vapes with flavors also give a good experience to the beginners, and in this way, they not only follow the trend but also stay safe.

 Ice blade 

It is the base for advanced smokers. It is a saturated liquid that causes significant soar- a blow to the throat or irritation of the mucous membranes. It contains 80 – 90% propylene glycol, 10% water, and the rest is flavors.

When self-mixing, all the vaping liquid ingredients must be of high quality, and it is better to purchase them from trusted manufacturers. Highly purified components should be used – first of all, it concerns glycerin with propylene glycol. 

Special attention should be paid to nicotine and not acquire it in its pure form, since it is a powerful poison. Self-mixing of e-liquids involves the use of nicotine diluted in the correct proportions and specially prepared.

Basic Rules for Self-Mixing

When creating your own recipes for e-liquids, remember that in the self-mixing process, you need to follow these basic rules:

  • Work while wearing gloves and be careful.
  • Use measuring instruments and do not forget about proportions: proportions are extremely important; otherwise, you can not only not achieve the desired taste, but also harm your health. 
  • Pour the liquid into a special bottle with a sealed lid and let it stand for 5 to 25 days.
  • Keep liquid in a cool place out of reach of children and pets.
  • Write down newly invented recipes for electronic cigarettes to not suffer the next self-mixing and quickly get the desired result.


Creating fluids, like vaping itself, requires responsibility. It must be remembered that vaping will not harm your health only with moderate use, so you do not need to get carried away with nicotine and vape too often. 

Be careful with experiments – if you are not sure of your own abilities, computing abilities, or the quality of ingredients, it is better to give preference to liquids from trusted manufacturers.

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