Did you know that in 2018, the worth of the wellness market in India was 490 billion? Yes, this is true and in the next two years, it has grown to a whopping INR 895 billion industry. It shows that people in India are getting serious about their health. Working out is becoming a crucial part of their life, and one of the best forms of exercise is Yoga. Yoga is an Indian thing, which has been part of Indian culture since ages. It not only helps your body get physically fit but aids in improving your mental and spiritual well-being too.

That is in the past few years, a lot of yoga studios have come into existence. As it helps you lose weight, makes your body flexible, and gives you mental peace. So, if you have a professional degree in teaching yoga, and you are a passionate learner and instructor, you must be thinking about opening a yoga studio? It is a fabulous idea, and it can generate good business as long as you remember to treat it both as a business and as a platform to help people improve their life.

Here some tips that can aid you to start your yoga studio.

1.      Have a business plan

The foremost step to starting a yoga studio is to have a business plan. Without having that and treating it as a business opportunity, you cannot hope to succeed. A good business plan is the blueprint of all the things that you need to do. Here what a good business plan has:

  • What kind of space are you looking for? Big or small
  • How many employees do you want to hire initially and in the future?
  • What is your budget? Will you require a business loan or not?
  • Target market- women or men or both
  • Marketing tactics
  • How long till you are able to start earning revenue?

2.      Marketing is important

The boom in wellness centers means that nearly every block has at least one yoga studio. Moreover, some people think that learning Yoga from YouTube is easy, which it is but not always. So, if you want people to come to your studio and learn from you, it needs solid marketing. You need a platform where you can inform people why learning yoga from you can improve their wellness. It should tell them what type of yoga you perform, what certification you have, and location, and fees.

To create loyal customers, you can start by free demo classes, and then give discounts or so on. Make use of social media platforms as they can connect you with tons of people. Target local people by including geotags, and so on. Share pictures and videos of your class, you can use Canva to edit your image or even to print out a schedule.

3.      Get a certificate

Some people run a yoga class just because they have been doing it for years and are studying it. But that is not enough, if you want loyal customers, you need a certificate. It also helps build a brand identity for your business. So, find out where you can get one, and get certified.

4.      Create a brand identity

Brand identity is both the visual identity and the reputation you create. For the visual identity, you need a logo, a location, business card, color theme, and so on. On the other hand, you build your reputation with satisfactory services which show your moral and ethical side. Both are important for a successful business, so work on it.

For instance, treat all clients as equals. Give personal attention to each and every student, and work with them individually too, if you can.

5.      Choose a niche

Yoga is of various types. For instance, some focus on energies and breathing like Kundalini yoga. Others focus on yoga type which helps with weight loss. Sticking to one type of yoga can help your students and you better. As there is no confusion, they know that switching to a different yoga due to circumstances won’t make them repeat the whole process again.

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