NeedaDenim Refresh?These are the new seasonjeansto be awareabout…

Fashion trendsVideo Game Jackets Denim jeans arethe staple of a wardrobethat men simply cannotget enough of.Fashion trends are constantly changingtime, butthere’s one thing that allrunways of fashion have in common that is the iconic jeans.If you’re trying to figure outthemost American-made jeans suitablefor men,at Bullet Blues we know exactlywhich washesand styles, as well assilhouettes are trendingat the moment.As we continue to beatthose blues that lock you down -and with afresh seasonof fashionon itsto come, there’smanythings tolook forward tothis spring.So although we might not be heading ‘out out’ quite as often these days, denim is in fact the perfect rock-for-all-occasions wardrobe addition.Denim can be worninevery way.

Whatis it aboutwearingan appropriatepair of jeans thatmakemenstand outfor the right reasons?Bloggers, celebrities, street style influencers,andstylish men from all overAmerica have beenimitatingLevi Strauss’ jeans designsyear after yearsince theinvention ofjeans.Fromcowboys and city boystoblue collar gentlemen,it’s true thatthe bestpair of jeanshastheabilityto makea man appearandappear like a million bucks!Scott Eastwood, the originalcowboy and son toClint isan excellentexample.The way heblends western jeans withhis ownbrand of masculinecool.Fashionis more thanhaving a good look. It’s about feelingfabulousin American-made jeans for men.

GuysBest Women Cardigans,here you’ll discoverthe waysBullet Blues’ Top 5 denimtrends can help you revampyourlocksin a heartbeat…

American-Made Jeans For Men: Light Wash Cowboy Boot Cut Jeans

Withwarmer and lighter eveningsapproaching and a ‘Cowboy’Azurin’bootscan be your best friend for any man.Created with love,If there’s one style of denimthat’s settomake a welcome comebackfor S/S21 It’s thelighterwash jeans.This trendy boot cut style hasan edgy look withsubtle stonewasheddetailing so thatyou canwear yourlighter blue jeans theBullet Blues way.Are you searching for the mostAmerican-madejeans for guys?Step this way… authenticcowboy fashion isguaranteed!

Indigo Blue Tapered denim for Casual Weekend Adventures

Our’RebelIndigo” tapered-leg jeans are timeless inthe American denim collection.This pair of dark indigojeans is luxurioustothe laststitch. It’sperfectfor casual weekendsor a laid-back walk at night.Wear it with your favoriteBullet Blues muscle car tee andsome retro-inspiredsneakersfor a bold stylethat captures off-duty coolinstantly.

Jeans with straightlegs Relaxed fit: Unbeatablecomfort and sophistication

{}Best Bootcut Jeans For Men Made of the highest-qualitydark wash denim The ‘Nationalist Nuit jeans willguarantee youstylish style points right fromthe moment youtryon them for size.Ifyou lead anactiveroutine, thisBullet Blues edition is perfect forboth work and leisurepursuits.Thisdenim look is perfectforpeople who have athletic build, particularlythose with biggerquads.Straight-legged jeans arean en voguefashion on runways for menswearat the moment. Ifyou wanttoelevateyour springoutfit, “Nationalist Nuit” willaid you in creating your look.

Uptown Guy: Black Skinny Jeans for The European City Boy Look

Bullet Blues’ solution to European style The ‘Uptown’ darkskinny jeanscan elevateyourlook from daytimetonight.If you decide to pair themwitha light blue tucked intoChambray shirt or adda pop of color withour Amber Flame button-up shirt, thesedesigner skinnies in black offerthe ultimate denim fashion statementthatwill certainlybe noticed at any occasion.This all-American slim-fit jeans isstylish and sturdy.

Dark Blue Tapered Leg SkinniesFor The Modern Man AroundTown

A quintessential dark wash denimto make you feel more stylish in your everyday wear The ‘Uptown’ slimjeansare also availablein a midnight blue colorwhich has a softfadedfinish and whiskered details.The deep blue pair ofjeans isthe top optionforAmerican-made jeans.It’s a classic pair that provides timelessstyles and long-lastingcomfort.Are you ready to refreshyourspringtime style with aclassic slim-fitpair of jeans thatmake your figure look more attractive?Findyour Bullet Blues pair today!

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