As we imagine the word garment, fabrics of various shapes and sizes are running through our minds. But, when it actually comes to going out the outfits don’t seem to be appropriateIt’s difficult to match a strange shirt with your favorite jeans or you don’t find the perfect pair of sneakers to match that pretty skirt! Ladies, this article can be the answer to the worries of casual wear. All you need to do is just throw your clothes on and goIt’s easyFor starters, we think these three casual dresses for women might be what you’re searching for.

Grey Casual Dress with Full Sleeve Fun

Do you have plans to go out with your pals for an afternoon of window shopping and an informal evening? We suggest that simple grey dress with full sleeves to be the ideal outfit to dress for your eveningYou can take your comfort to an entirely new level by wearing this loose fitting, hand-embroidered cotton fabric.

Don’t get mistaken by the loose fitting , as it is perfectly positioned on the shoulders and ends over your knees. The highlight of this dress is the balloon sleeves, which provide room for your arms and looks chic at the same timeThis cute, girly outfit with the sneakers you love and you are good to go!

Yellow Casual Wear for a Playful Twist

Planning a brunch celebration with your family members or just catching up with your old friends? We believe that this geometric yellow collared dress is the perfect look! The shirt style upper half together with the quarter sleeves gives this casual dress a elegant look.

The fun begins in the skirt that is part of this dress. The frills are adorable and the skirt increase the volume of the pleats. The dress is sewn just below the bust, highlighting your waist and the skirt adds a sense of length to the entire look. If you’re looking at taking your look to the next level, combine this look with a stylish pair of sneakers or plain sneakers work well.

Tassels and Braided Belt for a Casual Wear? Oh Yes!

You’re in the mood of dressing traditional but do you not want to do it all? This outfit could be the right choice for youIt doesn’t matter if it’s a nighttime walk with your closest friend or a quick visit to the grandparents’ house in this casual two-layer dress in off-white is what we recommend.

What we love most of this gown is its delicateness with the double-layered fabric. The reason is obvious! The golden vertical stripes , as well as the horizontal golden finish on the hemline on the inside of the dress give the entire outfit a the unique touch of a traditionalDon’t forget the tiered belt with tassels, which has an ethnic boho feel to it. If you want to be simple yet chic for your outing, this dress should make it to your wardrobe. You can pair this stunning dress with your classic juttis, or flats with necklaces with tassels for a complete style!

At Terquois each piece is hand-embroidered and designed by hand with careThe designs we offer cater to your casual or workwear needsThis was just a little glimpse, we have much more to offer you on our website.

Have you liked anything from this listAre you interested in telling us how you plan to style the next piece of clothing from our assortmentWrite us a note below and let us know on your dress-up ideas!

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