The Importance Of Stretching In Martial Arts

Before starting any physical training you need to warm up your body so that blood should be circulated in the whole body and muscles which are required in training, but warmups are neglected and unappreciated mostly.

Before Starting your MMA training, it would be better if you warm up on the punching bag. It will warm up your arms and shoulders for the intense training. You can equip yourself with Elite Sports MMA gloves and Elite Sports MMA shorts.You can choose any other activity before any workout to warm up your body, mostly warming up should last for 10 minutes, which will end up leaving you sweating a bit but you should not get out of breath.


Most instructors of martial arts tell you to stretch your body in the morning and before sleeping to promote flexibility in your body. Stretching before training is required to prevent any injury as it helps your muscles to warmup which provides more range of motion.


 Mainly stretching exercises are performed on three areas of the body or those areas which create problems and your instructor should teach you about their stretching methods, they are mentioned below,


Put your feet together and then move your neck, two to three times in a backward position and then move forward and then side to side after that rotate it in a circular motion.


Spread your feet so they are double the width of your shoulders apart. Keep your legs straight as you bend forward and start moving your arms towards the ground, Keep movement limited to the waist area and you’ll find that your lower back and hamstrings benefit.


Assume the same position as for the neck stretch but twist at your hips from left to right. You’ll find that your left leg will straighten and your right leg will bend as your hips move to the left side. Circle up to three times to the left and repeat three times to the right.


It is advisable by many trainers to stretch after your training as it will prevent any muscle soreness and Stiffness. According to research it also improves your blood flow and which will results in more oxygen to the muscles so they will heal quickly.

Static VS Dynamic Stretching

The most common talk among the trainers is which one is more effective and deliver results. Let’s find out what is the difference between two and which one is more effective.

Static is,stretching and holding up the position for about 20 seconds which only activates a single muscle. It is the most commonly used technique in Martial art classes as it is safe and easy to do for beginners as well.

On the other hand Dynamic stretching involves active movement of muscles. It has a range of motions that activates a group of muscles and your joints have to do a wider range of motion which results in more flexibility. It is often done before training to warm up a particular set of muscles.

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