With loads of pollutants and environmental factors, scalp and hair issues have become commonly fair nowadays. There are also other reasons for the scalp to turn oily such as stress, chemical treatments, and also changes in our lifestyle. Due to these reasons we inevitably face a lot of hair fall, thinning, and also over oily scalp problems in our day to day life.

Of course, it is frustrating to feel the greasiness on your scalp, and even after several washes, the scalp still turns oily. When you use the wrong hair conditioners or other shampoos, sometimes the grease turns worse. This oily scalp in turn leads to itching, uncontrolled dandruff, hair fall, and redness. And to avoid all these problems, you must take proper care of your oily scalp by using shampoo for the oily scalp India.

Here we come up with some of the tips to deal with the oily scalp:

  • Wash your hair regularly

Remember to keep your scalp clean and moisturized always. This can be done by washing the hair regularly. It is important to remove the excess oil from the scalp to get rid of the grease. With the use of shampoo, you can remove deposited oil and also other debris from the scalp. It is recommended to wash your hair thrice a week to keep it clean and oil-free.

  • Have a proper diet

To maintain the health of your scalp, your diet plays a major role. It is necessary to avoid any oily foods, fat-rich content, and deep-fried items when you have an oily scalp. Doctors suggest taking on saturated fats along with a balanced diet that includes healthy carbohydrates and fats. For reducing the oil secretion, consuming omega 3 will highly help you to promote a healthy scalp. Try taking the natural hair supplements such as veggies and fruits.

  • Avoid hair straighteners and other tools on the scalp

Everyone wanted to see us differently on many occasions, and so we tend to use hair straighteners and other heat generative tools to keep our hair stylish and wavy. But this damage not only the hair but also have a great impact on the scalp. If you have an oily scalp, then avoid using the tools as they are the worst enemies. Try to use non – heat methods of styling your hair and protect your scalp from damage.

  • Keep your comb and brushes clean

It is necessary to clean your brushes and other tools regularly. In general, an oily scalp accumulates a lot of bacteria and dirt, and so it is a must to keep your comb and brush clean to avoid further growth of the bacteria. It avoids oily scalp and keeps your hair clean. Remember to wash your comb twice a week for better hygiene practice.

  • Use egg yolk as a mask

Egg yolk contains sulfur-rich contents and so using it as the hair mask can do wonders on the scalp. Mask also helps strengthen your hair and also makes it a softer, shiny, silky, and wavy appearance. It also assists in maintaining the pH of the scalp and thereby reduces oil secretion.

  • Shampoo properly

Choose the right oily scalp shampoo India that suits best for you. It is not enough to brush it over the hair and wash it. Shampoos remove unwanted dirt and debris and also help in the removal of the oil from the scalp. So you must choose the right shampoo that suits your hair. 

Conclusion Oily hair and scalp is a common concern for many Indians. With the several symptoms, the feeling of a greasy scalp is just annoying for most of us. Here we have put together some of the tips that help you in maintaining a healthy and oil-free scalp.

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