Parents quickly discover that children are very susceptible to ear infections but there is a reason for that. The Eustachian tube that links the middle ear to the pharynx in children is a lot thinner than an adult tube. That means when they get a cold, the draining of that fluid is harder and the tubes get blocked more easily. When the fluid accumulates it leads to ear infections. When an ear infection is not properly treated that can lead to damage to the eardrums and that can result in speech problems, deafness and developmental problems too. That is why more parents when they see the symptoms of fever, irritability and ear pain, sometimes go to a pediatric chiropractor Wall, NJ.

Ear infection standard treatment

Ear infections are viral or bacterial in origin. The usual treatment approach to a bacterial ear infection is a dose of antibiotics. But you cannot treat viral ear infections with antibiotics. All that can be done with any viral infection is to manage the symptoms while the body fights it off. In infants and young children that comes with symptoms like oral thrush, diarrhea, fungal diaper rash, vomiting, a rash along with the fever, ear pain and irritability. If after a few months the ear infections are constant and the fluid is not draining there is a chance they will need surgery. They can put in ear tubes to drain the fluid.

Chiropractic treatment for ear infections

Another option to help your child is seeking an expert pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County or where you are. It is an alternative and drug-free approach that uses gentle adjustments, that are completely painless and safe, to help them. Chiropractic care is common for help with sporting injury recovery, accident recovery, back and neck pain. But it can actually do a lot more. With these adjustments, a chiropractor can help their ears drain of that fluid, as well as help with other infections including upper respiratory ones. With this help, it can lessen their symptoms and prevent further ear infections and help them recover more quickly.

Seeing a chiropractor Wall NJ or where you are will involve a focus of the manipulation of the upper cervix and the back of the skull and the first neck vertebra. These adjustments lead to the ear draining. How often they need to visit the chiropractor depends on a few things like how severe the infections are and frequent they are too. On average though it takes about 6 to 8 sessions. In a very severe case, they might ask for daily visits for a while to make sure the draining happens, and then the visits will lower in frequency one improvement can be seen.


There is a pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County who you will find and feel confident in their training and handling of your child. You will find someone with experience, who knows how to be gentle and uses techniques suitable for the age of your child. Consult with your child’s doctor so that everyone is working together to get your child pain free and healthy.

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