Keto mac shampoo is one type of medicine which may be applied for treating fungal infections on scalp. Keto mac shampoo is applied on scalpto kill the fungi by destroying the cell membrane. The duration and dose of application ofketo mac shampoo should be as per advice of doctors.Regular use as per advice of doctors can provide good results to the users. Amount should be used as per advice of doctors and not in excess quantity.It will not do any good to users, but may provide some side effects.

Role of prevention of dandruff by shampoo

Keto mac shampoo actually contains active ingredient as ketoconazole which is responsible for removing fungal infections. It can fight with dandruff and can remove associated scalp problems.Controlling dandruff should be of primary importance as it can prevent hairfall. Antidandruff shampoo keto mac can control dandruff with other hair problems. Ketoconazole is the antifungal ingredient which can prevent growth of fungus.The shampoo contains active component ketoconazole as 2% in aqueous suspension. The ingredient is synthetic in nature.The component works on dandruff by killing fungi on skin in name of malassezia. People suffering from dandruff are seen to have more malassezia.Ketoconazole acts on cell membrane and kills fungi by preventing synthesis of ergosterol which is vital component of cell membrane of fungi. As the cell membrane is weakened, fungi cannot survive, if keto mac shampoo is used on regular basis. If the cell membranes are weakened, then inside contents of fungi are leaked out of it and fungi cannot survive any more.

Usage of shampoo

Keto mac shampoo is generally usedto treatdandruff in hair. It can also treat itching, scaling, inflammation and dandruff .Other related conditions of scalp can be treated by this shampoo as detected by physicians.The shampoo should be applied on hair with specified quantity and leave it for 3-5 minutes on scalp. Then rinse hair properly with water.Some precautions should be adopted during usage of keto mac shampoo. Eyes should becovered well, so that mucus membrane of eyes is not affected.If by chance, shampoo enters eyes, wash thoroughly with water.


If the infections are not cleared or situations do not improve after 2-4 weeks of usage of keto mac shampoo, then report your doctor for further advice. A wide range of products with ketoconazole are launched in market to deal with fungal infections.These are keto mac shampoo,keto mac cream and tablets.Dandruff is difficult condition of scalp and hairball can be enhanced by this issue. So, people have to take care of their hairhealth and anti dandruff keto mac shampoo should be used. For oily scalp, if dandruff is attacked, it must be taken care of.Hair health is important part of body .The health of hair should not be neglected.If the problem of hair is overlooked, then hair health will be degraded and people will find lack of confidence within themselves.

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