Vitamin C is essential for your body, specifically in the winter season. It not only maintains the overall healthy functioning of the body parts, but also offers several health benefits. Whenever we talk about foods rich in Vitamin C, the first name comes to mind is Orange. An orange can fulfill a considerable portion of your recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin C, said.  But do you know that there are various other foods equally rich in Vitamin C, like the perfect orange.

One of those most trading and talked-about nutrients is Vitamin C. It’s essential in our diets to protect our immune systems, build heart strength, enhance vision, and support skin health. However, unless you’re taking Vitamin C supplements, likely, you’re not getting enough Vitamin C in your diet. Add these amazing foods into your meals, and you’ll be eating enough Vitamin C in no time!

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a well-known ascorbic acid that is an essential nutrient for many of our day to day edible items.

This vitamin is the most important one for boosting neurotransmitter’s capacities. We can understand the importance of this vitamin by considering only one problem which keeps this vitamin on its Essential Medicines List.

What are the health benefits of Vitamin C?

The ingredients used in this recipe are rich in Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body muscles. These elements help in various body functions, comprising collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.

These ingredients also act as one of many antioxidants that can defend against damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals and toxic chemicals and pollutants like cigarette smoke. Free radicals can build up and contribute to health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. The vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed, and thus, it can enhance the absorptions of iron when the two eating together.


Tomatoes are one of the most sorted out food items in the entire world. It is rich in almost everything requires for good health and long life. Nowadays, tomatoes found it in nearly all parts of the world and that at an affordable rate too. Vitamin C founds in abundant quantities in tomatoes. One plate of tomatoes has about 22.8 mg of Vitamin C.


Guavas include large amounts of the antioxidant lycopene. Eating just one guava fruit can provide 126 mg of this vitamin to us. People with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels should eat seven guava pieces every day as it significantly lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Broccoli not only aids in maintaining your overall health but is also a great natural source of vitamin C, which helps improve damaged tissue and maintain a healthy immune system. Also, Broccoli vegetable to improve men’s health problems. Fildena 100mg and Super P Force is both remedy sort of powerful in its action of treating ED in males.


Oranges are perhaps one of the first fruit that comes to mind when you think about vitamin C. The bright citrus includes about 83 mg of vitamin C and 120 grams of water to keep you hydrated. Not only are they delicious to snack on, but it is a refreshing aroma thought to promote positive energy, according to ancient traditions.

Make some fresh-squeezed orange juice with turmeric and ginger to improve stomach health and support immunity.


It packs lemon with the goodness of vitamin C and citric acid. Lemon helps in naturally boosting immunity, and citric acid makes it great for fat loss. Drinking lemon juice with warm water and honey can keep several diseases at bay and help in the weight loss journey.

Red bell peppers:

Red bell peppers include three times more vitamin C than orange at 190 mg. They also comprise vitamin A to help with your eyesight.


This potato vegetable is a rich source of vitamin C. This vitamin in potatoes works as an antioxidant and prevents cell damage. Since the potato’s skin has the maximum vitamin C concentration, eating this kitchen essential to the skin could be more beneficial.


New Zealand, for many years, these small kiwifruits, furry brown fruit, originated from China.

Along with Vitamin C, these fruits also contain the enzyme actinidin, which helps break down protein and support healthy digestion.

Vitamin C content: two kiwi fruit – 90mg


Another excellent fruit to add to the mix would be strawberries. Like kiwis, these small fruits offer several benefits, comprising 89 mg of Vitamin C, which is 99 percent of your daily Vitamin C absorption.

Strawberries can also be beneficial if you need to get folate, manganese, and other antioxidants known as polyphenols. They can help prevent vascular illness, dementia, and even diabetes. Thanks to the Vitamin C content of strawberries, you can also boost your immunity system.


Pineapple is a tropical plant with edible fruits and their most essential, several health benefits. Not only does pineapple deliver Vitamin C into your diet, but it also helps your stomach break down food and overcome weight. A sweet treat who can add pineapples to salsa, fruit salad, or add smoothie.

Acerola Cherry:

Acerola, accurately known as Malpighia Glabra/Emarginata, is a bright red juicy berry with lots of seeds, good taste, a good deal of health, and medicinal benefits. The figures don’t lie—acerola cherries are by far the best food source of vitamin C. You can get this tasty fruit in juice and powder form when it’s not in season.

Brussels sprouts:

Whether you want to use them as a salad base or cook them as a side dish, it packs Brussels sprouts with essential nutrients. Along with vitamin C, they include vitamins K and vitamin A, folate, potassium, manganese, and fiber. Fildena 50 and Vigora 100 this medications treats your ED problems.


Cantaloupe, a rich source of beta-carotene, defends against prostate cancer and reduces colon cancer risk. It has about 300 times more beta-carotene than a fresh orange. If that is not reason enough to comprise cantaloupe in your diet, it’s also a significant vitamin C source. Half a cup provides 29 mg.


Many of you may not be aware of Kale that comes with several health benefits. It is a fruit with high vitamin C and vitamin K content. The best way to add kale to your diet plan is its juice that can easily prepare at home. 


Longan fruit is a tropical tree species that produces edible and delicious fruit. It is a combined hybrid fruit that cultivating from crossing a blackberry and a raspberry. Other popular familiar names of the plant are Boysenberry, Loganberry, Phenomenal-berry, and Tayberry. The fruit of the Longan is like that of the lychee but less aromatic in taste. It is native to Southern Asia.

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