History of Doctor on Call

It is believed that at the beginning of the last century around the year 1930s, house call of doctors was prevalent. It is possible that it was called so as doctors used to visit houses. Later by 1960s, the house call services dropped and patients started visiting doctors in highly advanced hospitals and facilities. 

Recently, this phenomenon has taken a new shape and is called the doctor on call. Of course, the growth in communication technology and devices must have resulted in the usage of the term – doctor on call and rightly so. Like technology and other systems in place which have evolved, the healthcare service has evolved and common people find home healthcare in Dubai and doctor on call in Dubai services very helpful today. 

Benefits of Doctor on Call Services in Dubai

Dubai is one of the biggest cities in the UAE. Moreover, it has emerged as one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities with flourishing business activities in the world. Easy and hassle-free home healthcare in Dubai is the need of the hour. And there are many benefits to it as well. Let’s find out what they are:

No More Waiting

One of the major disadvantages of hospital visits to seek medical consultation from a doctor is that you have to spend a long time in waiting. There are hundreds of patients visiting a doctor every day. Therefore, even with a prior appointment, it becomes difficult to meet the doctor quickly and at a convenient time. 

It becomes more burdensome if you have little children who require special medical care and attention. With the recent pandemic, it is even more difficult and risky to be sitting in a waiting room with many other patients with different kinds of diseases. Many a time, these diseases might be contagious and thus dangerous. 

Therefore, services like doctor on call in Dubai can completely negate the possibility of infection through the community. Similarly, you can get personalized and quick consultation from a specialist doctor.


Convenience is one of the best benefits of a doctor on call in Dubai service. For the elderly, the thought of traveling to a hospital for medical treatment or health check-up in Dubai can be exhausting and baffling at the same time. 

Also, most of the people are fully occupied with job responsibilities every day. The busy lives make it a complex task to book for an appointment and meet the doctor as per the convenience of the doctor. It is simply not possible for many in Dubai. 

This is where a doctor on call services can be a boon for families with old folks and busy people. Moreover, anyone sick in the family would prefer to take proper rest in the comfort of their home until the doctor reaches them. 

Preventing Emergencies 

Health conditions can deteriorate at any moment. With the kind of sedentary lifestyle today, there are scores of people who get affected by problems like heart attack, dizziness, blurred vision, high BP, blood sugar; all these diseases which may require urgent medical attention sometimes. In such scenarios, a doctor on call can help prevent medical emergencies. 

The services of health check-ups in Dubai as provided by First Response Healthcare promises to provide immediate medical attention. In a place like Dubai, it saves a lot of money as well which might be too much to spend for medical emergencies in hospitals. 

Easy Access To Specialists And Medical Team

Sometimes you may need urgent medical attention from a team of doctors, depending upon the disease. For example, let’s suppose that you have chronic pain the stomach and consultation with specialist doctors did not yield any relief. In such cases, different doctors with different speciality can examine your condition together and reach a conclusion. Such services can help detect any dangerous or life-threatening conditions quickly. 

High Satisfaction Rate

Peace and relaxed mind is the first need of any patient suffering from any kind of disease. Taking all the benefits into consideration of home healthcare in Dubai, the satisfaction rate among patients are high. 

Home care medical services are one of the best advances in the healthcare industry which is set to transform the way you consult with doctors, receive treatment, and get healthy. 

First Response Healthcare is one of the leading doctors on call service providers in Dubai. The strong team of highly qualified doctors are spread across Dubai and are available to give you medical assistance anytime and anywhere. 

First Response Healthcare Service Features

Personalized Attention

The highly qualified team of health professionals and medical experts offer a premium medical care experience to all the patients. Personalized attention is one of the highlights of the services along with must-have home visit etiquette and medical ethics which people in Dubai admire and appreciate.

Diagnostics And Lab Test Results 

A diagnostics facility is also available which enables us to take blood test samples to be taken from the comfort of your home. The samples are then sent to authorized and approved labs. The results are then shared with you. 

Referral to Specialists

The highly capable doctors are always at your behest to give you proper medical care, support, treatment options, and medicines. And if the situation asks for specialists in the field, the doctors give proper referrals as well. 

All age groups 

The service of doctors on call in Dubai is available for all age groups. Be it your elderly parents, your children, or adults, doctors with different specialization will be available at your doorstep always. Also, be it any time of acute and chronic disease, the medical team will attend to you. 

365x24x7 Availability

One of the best features is the commitment of reaching you or your home for medical assistance all 365 days in a year, 24 hours, and 7 days in a week. Even on holidays, doctors are available.

It is easy to get a doctor on call appointment. Call 050505387 or visit www.firstresponse.ae today for more details.

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