The rapid transition to digitalization and evolution in technology has opened newer avenues for people to pursue alternate careers. For instance, in the past you needed a professional camera plus other related equipments if you wanted to make movies or videos professionally. Then it would be handed over to audio and editing department for sorting out the audio and editing respectively. The whole process has been made much simpler and more convenient due to modern digital technology. All you need these days is just a video making software.

There are many well known manufacturers that offer these tools to help you with your vision. However before you decide to use any specific software, it makes sense to look at the different options and choose the one that best suits your video making and editing requirements. One of the best software application tools for video editing is the windows movie maker. It also contains many sub specialized applications like Windows DVD Maker, windows movie converter, and windows movie editor amongst others.


Windows DVD maker software is an easy to use application that supports many different types of formats as well as operating systems. This application uses customizable effects and transitions that are Direct3D hardware accelerated and also features an Aero Wizard-style user interface. In some ways, it is comparable to iDVD in Mac OS X. 

Windows DVD maker software incorporates multiple common line options, that helps it to integrate with other applications in operating systems, like Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Photo Gallery. It also supports the creation of the DVD through an independent application and not through shell.

How windows DVD maker helps you with making movies?

As mentioned earlier this application is available to download for free on the company’s website along with its latest version windows DVD maker 2021. The team that updates the software every year also makes customized versions of this application for different operating systems for Windows 7/8/XP DVD Maker. The option of downloading 10/11 DVD Maker Download is also available as standalone software.   

The windows DVD maker involves simple steps that are extremely easy to follow. First you have to arrange the video files to play them in proper order by importing it from your storage. The scenes that can be accessed from a special scene selection page in the DVD menu are automatically split from video so you can easily select which scene to keep and which to edit out. Animated DVD menus are also presented for you to select from in order to make your DVD more fun. Windows DVD maker 2021 saves you time and effort of redoing things by giving you a preview of how it looks and how the DVD will act like after burning.    

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