Botox is a buzz word in the world of beauty. Women around the world have relied upon the same for keeping their appearances flawless when time has not been  lenient in blessing them with signs of aging. Living with frown lines, laugh lines and Crow’s feet is not the ideal way of living according to a big percentage of women. Botox has helped them deal with this nightmare to a great extent. While some women wait till their mature years to get botox injections, in current times, there are many women who are opting for botox Chevy Chase MD in their late 20’s. Sounds surprising? But, it is true.

Botox is often nicknamed as the ‘magic poison.’ It does not have much side-effects, and the procedure is non-surgical and painless, which makes it easier for many to opt for the same. Rather, not many shy away from calling it as a lunch break treatment for the short time within which the procedure can take place. Recovery too is faster, with minimal disruption to one’s daily life. As far as side effects are concerned, bruising are swelling are common. But, if you have seen some horrific, frozen and botched jobs, then that might be because the work was not done by a knowledgeable practitioner.

Though botox is for all women, not all women are for botox. That is why if you are one who is trying their hands for the first time at having botox Chevy Chase MD, then there are some valuable tips for you:

Don’t listen to anyone who says that you are too young to have botox. Botox can be administered to any woman starting from early twenties. According to experts, there is no recommended age for undergoing botox treatment. Some in their early twenties can develop visible dynamic lines that needs to be treated. However, if someone with no visible lines approach a professional for botox, then they are likely to get declined.

The dosage is not same for everyone. While some may get results with 10 units, some might require upto 25 units for desired results. This can only be decided by the professional.

No physical activity or exercises is allowed after botox treatment. Experts administering the botox say that there are certain things to be followed after the treatment is over. The procedure does not take more than 10 minutes, and once injected, the solution takes 20 minutes to settle. It is better to stay upright for that time period and when one gets home, the face should be washed carefully. Not scrubbing or rubbing too hard.

There are no severe side effects after one undergoes the procedure. The person who undergoes the procedure can experience some redness, swelling and blotches. There might be some pin prick points too, but all these signs soon dissolve. If your skin is very sensitive, then the signs can be more evident. A slight headache is also natural, but if it turns severe, and does not go away after 48 hours, then you should see the practitioner.

Also remember that it will take you at least 3 to 5 days before you see the desired results. So, don’t be impatient. Be at rest, and enjoy the new, rejuvenated you.

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