There are many things to learn about important cataract concerns and issues. Similarly, it is also vital to determine when cataract surgery becomes necessary. The growth of this eye syndrome can be like watching through dirty glass door or car windshield. Cataract affects the eye and set off an assortment of negative changes with different symptoms, including difficulty in dealing with radiant rays of Sun, distorted vision, nearsightedness or dazzling car headlights. However, these problems can be solved by recurrent changes in an eyeglass prescription.

When cataract surgery becomes essential?

In the early stage of cataract modification in glasses is very helpful. With time cataract become more intense and vision-impaired –then making strong glasses and contact lenses turn useless in ensuring the sight. At this stage, cataract suggests become imminent. Your eye doctors will be the first to inform you about the cataract development after eye evaluation. It happens even if the patient is not experiencing any actual cataract symptom. A reliable doctor will be able to tell you if you start to develop the cataract. You will be the still the first person to observe the change in the vision that may require immediate Cataract Surgery westchester.

In general, a surgical operation is recommended for people who have a considerable loss of vision and symptoms identified with this situation. In many cases, trauma or previous operation make it hard for eye care professional to observe retina at the back of your eye. Under this situation, it may be appropriate to get rid of cataract so that advance optic nerve or retinal evaluation and treatment can be performed. The method of cataract surgery can be adapted based on your current medical condition. The procedure is normally done through an experienced eye doctor. The process doesn’t take much time, not more than an hour. This surgery does not put you undue stress on your lungs and heart. A cataract is a medical condition, and the medical insurance company covers most parts of the cost of surgery. It includes pre-operation and post-operation care.

Other vital details related to cataract

Other than cataract symptoms, it is important to find out that there is no way to reverse cataract in natural lens. In the present, there is no cure or a defined way to reverse cataracts. Nevertheless, there are some measures you can take to reduce the rate by which this disease become intense. The strategies can slow down the rate of growth of the cataracts. Among these prevention measures health regime, change in lifestyle and regular eye exam are main.

People who are 50 years or above in age must have the comprehensive eye exams annually. During your exam, It is important to receive a dilated eye exam for a full evaluation of you eyes. With the dilated eye exam, the pupil should be dilated by putting drops to enlarge them. Dilated eye exam is important for you. In the dilated eye exam your house the bulges will be able to check your lens and asses for the amount of cataract. Most importantly, the dilated exam allows for you to be assessed for other important eye diseases is (cataracts, Glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, etc.) This is the preferred method for a full Eye examination.

Some lifestyle changes can slow the development: including use of sun visor to obstruct UV rays from the sunlight, wearing sunglasses and quit smoking. According to medical research, good nutrition( an antoxidant rich diet) lessens the hazards of age-related cataracts. But these are just prevention measures, not the cure. Cataracts is a function of aging, so if you live long enough you will eventually be faced with cataracts and cataract surgery. But don’t despair, after cataract surgery you will be seeing better than you have seen in years . There are many new specialize lens implants that are use now to correct your vision. These implants include multi focus lens implants, and astigmatism correcting lens implants. Also to make the surgery more comfortable, faster and less invasive they are now laser cataract surgery options

Finally, if you have reached that stage in Hudson valley cataract surgery, then do not hesitate to ask your eye doctor relevant question about the problem and its solution. At Hudson Ophthalmology, Dr Marcelin thoroughly evaluates you and helps you make informed decision about your cataracts , including cataract lens implants; cataract laser surgery, and other decisions. this best eye doctor determines which type of treatment is suitable for you after a thorough evaluation of your condition.

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