A Keurig coffee maker is a modern miracle. A long and complicated beer production process is not required; just fill the Keurig water tank with water, insert your Keurig mug, and have a hot mug made from your favorite coffee in a minute.

This is, of course, how it happens when the machine is running. When it doesn’t work, for example when the Keurig water pump is not pumping, you have a problem.

What to Do for a Keurig Not Pumping Water

If you’ve ever had a Keurig that doesn’t pump, you know what it’s like. Fill the Keurig water tank, press the button and you will hear only a kind of squeaking noise when the Keurig pump tries but cannot pump the water. Unless your Keurig is new and you can return it, you have an issue that you would like to be able to quickly resolve. These are the steps to follow to repair a Keurig that does not pump water.

The most likely reason for a Keurig that does not pump water is fouling of water, debris that accumulates and interferes with the Keurig water pump. There are several ways to solve this problem.

  • The simplest is to remove the Keurig water tank, empty it, and fill it for about a third of the way.
  • Then shake the water in the Keurig water tank. Pour into the water. Find the opening where the Keurig pump pumps the water to the brewery.
  • Clean the opening completely with a cloth to remove any residue that may obstruct the action of the Keurig water pump.

Hopefully this will fix any issues and the Keurig water pump should work properly after this.

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General solution for Keurig who was not pumping water

To run it correctly, you will need the following tools

  • A screwdriver
  • A small knife
  • A toothpick and
  • A plastic thumb-tack

It is advisable that you exercise a lot of caution when walking down this road. That said, here are a few things to do that should fix your Keurig problem.

  • Things can get more complicated when your Keurig machine would not work well. Imagine waking up, going to the kitchen, you were probably late, and when you approach to prepare that favourite flavour of your coffee, you suddenly realize that something is wrong. How would you feel when your Keurig is not pumping water? What would that sound be? Your Keurig without making coffee would be the last thing you can imagine. The reasons for Keurig’s failure and possible ways to turn him upside down are explained below.
  • Presence of air in the line
  • Clogged water line and filter
  • Damaged pump

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